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Transwheel®: Executive Product Summary

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Executive Product Summary for Transwheel Lightweight Plastic Wheels

Understanding the Transwheel Design
  • The Transwheel has eight rollers mounted 90 degrees to the axle
  • This unique design allows for multidirectional movement
  • Transwheel is a lightweight plastic wheel
  • The rollers use stainless steel axles with low friction coating
  • Transwheel is corrosion resistant and therefore washable and can be steam cleaned
  • Custom configurations and ID bore geometries can be furnished; contact Sales
Wheel Types
  • Transwheel comes in two sizes: 2 inch and 4 inch
  • Standard Transwheel bodies are made from ABS plastic
  • Transwheels are also available in high-impact plastic
  • The standard color for Transwheels is blue
  • Some Transwheels are also available in green, black, white and red
  • Transwheels can be manufactured in any color (large quantity orders needed)
  • Transwheels are available in a single row or double row design with an optional multi row model available upon request
  • Models of transwheels are: plain bore, axled, bushed, keyway bore and hex bore models on 2 and 4 inch wheels
Standard and Cat-Trak Rollers
  • The standard rollers are made from Nylon
  • Cat-Track rollers use a synthetic rubber coated polypropylene design
  • 4 inch Transwheels have an optional solid urethane roller with molded axle
Versatile Applications
  • Applications for Transwheel include: conveyors, skate wheels, carton flow, gravity flow, loading and discharge stations, packaging tables, transfer tables, ball tables, turntables, casters, and robot wheels
Gravity Flow Rails
  • There are two gravity flow rails available: Idler Transrail Idler Transrail.pdf and Transection Transection.pdf
  • Idler Transrails come in 5-foot sections and are available with 2 inch or 4 inch wheels
  • The Transrails have evenly spaced slots for multiple spacing
  • Transrails are ideal for construction of ball tables, diverters, and work stations
  • Transections are ready made skate wheel conveyor sections using Transwheels
  • They are available in 12, 18, and 24 inch wide sections
  • Transections are ideal for work stations, easy side load/unload conveyors, and ball tables

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