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Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Kornylak Products

We receive quite a few questions about our products. Below are the most frequently asked.

Q. I would like a product catalog.
A. Product literature can be accessed by clicking on "Brochures" on the left side menu for each product. You can also find all of our product brochures on the "Literature" page.

Q. I would like to purchase some of your wheels.
A. We have an online store at store.kornylak.com for the purchase of our wheels.

Q. I would like to purchase your foam panels, floral foam, building panels, or foam products?
A. The Kornylak Corporation does not make foam products. We manufacture the equipment for the manufacturing of foam products.

Q. I would like an AutoCAD drawing of your product.
A. Kornylak Corporation policy only permits us to provide customers drawings related to their projects.

Q. I would like a specific dimension or specification of a particular wheel.
A. Most Dimensions and product Specifications are available on line under the heading of Specifications or in the product brochures. If the information you are looking for is not located there, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to provide it. Most standard equipment can be custom designed and built to meet your requirements.

Q. I would like a wheel smaller or larger than what is listed.
A. All of the wheels we manufacture are listed on the website. We can manufacture any size and type of wheel you would like, but you would have to order a quantity large enough to cover the cost of manufacturing. We may also know of other manufactures that make the wheel you are looking for. In regards of the Transwheels, we can increase the bore size some.

Q. What is the most weight Palletflo® will take?
A. This is a two-part answer. First, each Palletflo® wheel is designed to hold a maximum of 80 lbs. Second, two rails are designed to hold a maximum of 6,200 lbs in a 5' span.

Q. What is the maximum length Palletflo® can run?
A. There are Palletflo® dynamic flow rails that are working today at 120' in length without any problems.

Q. What Palletflo® wheels work at what temperatures?
A. Each Palletflo® wheel has an ideal specific temperature range related to its elastomeric hysteresis design properties. The orange wheel works best between 60° F and 90° F., while the blue wheel works best between 28° F and 50° F. Our newest wheel, which is black, operates at temperatures between -10° F and -20° F. Our yellow wheel is designed with no elastomeric hysteresis properties and can be used in a push back rack design.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum width belt for Armorbelt?
A. The minimum width is found using a 3-inch pitch, which will give you a 6-inch wide belt. The maximum belt width will have a 12-inch pitch and reach 25-feet in width.

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