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Kornylak homepage

Corporate Facts A brief history of the Kornylak Corporation

Contact Us How to contact the Kornylak Corporation

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Information Request A form requesting information on our products

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News News and information on Kornylak products

Privacy & Terms Kornylak Corporation's privacy statement and terms and conditions of sale.

Products A listing of all Kornylak Products

Literature A listing of all Kornylak Product Literature

Resources Other internet sites to find useful information

Services Services Kornylak Corporation performs

Manufacturing Kornylak's manufacturing facilities

Cargo Handling Cargo handling equipment manufactured by Kornylak

Material Handling Material handling equipment manufactured by Kornylak

Live Storage System Kornylak's live storage systems

Conveyor Systems All conveyor systems manufactured by Kornylak

Conveyor Wheels Conveyor wheels manufactured by Kornylak

Gravity Racks A list of gravity racks manufactured by Kornylak

Insulation Equipment Insulation equipment manufactured by Kornylak

Panel Manufacturing Different machines that manufacture panels

Building Panels Machine that manufacture building panels

Information Request Form This page allows users to request information on our various products and services.

Customer Survey A survey use to ascertain website design, ease of use, and relevancy of information presented.

Transfer Table A page listing all the manual and power transfer tables
Powered Transrail Picture
Powered Transrdisc Picture
Omniwheel Powered Transfer Tables Picture
Right Angle Transfer System Picture
Right Angle Transection Powered Transfer Picture



Conveyors Kornylak manufactures

Products List of all conveyor products

FAQ Frequently asked questions

Belt Kornylak belt conveyors

Roller Roller conveyors from Kornylak

Gravity Gravity powered conveyors

Pallet Conveyors that move pallets

Vertical Vertical conveyors from Kornylak

Customer Survey A survey use to ascertain website design, ease of use, and relevancy of information presented.

Products Armorbelt Metal belt conveyor

Cartonflo Carton flow, storage racks, live storage

Macrobelt Aluminum slat conveyor

Monoflo Lightweight conveyor

Rollerflo Gravity powered roller conveyor

TKV Tray, bucket, and pan conveyors

Trakwheel For conveyor curves and bends

TS Live Roller Powered roller conveyor

Vertiflo Vertical conveyor

Zipflo Lightweight belt conveyor



Gravity powered, live storage racks



Conveyor wheels and multidirectional wheels

Products List of all wheel products

FAQ Frequently asked questions

Robot Wheels Different robot wheels available

Conveyor Wheels List of available conveyor wheels

Multidirectional Wheels List of multidirectional wheels

Powered Wheels Available powered wheels

Gravity Wheels Gravity powered wheels

Customer Survey A survey use to ascertain website design, ease of use, and relevancy of information presented.

Products Mini-Wheel Lightweight conveyor wheels

Omniwheel Heavy-duty multidirectional wheels

Pallet Flow High strength plastic wheels used in dynamic, FIFO storage racks

Superwheel All-plastic conveyor skate wheels

Transdisc Multidirectional movement conveying

Transwheel Omnidirectional coneyor wheels and robot wheels



Robot Wheels & Mounting The Wheels



Insulation manufacturing Equipment

Accessories Equipment and accessories for manufacturing insulation

FAQ Frequently asked questions

Pressure Conveyors Pressure conveyors for manufacturing insulation panels

Mold Filling Foam meter, mixing and dispensing units

Foam Core Products Different types of foam products manufactured from Kornylak equipment

Insulation Panels Machines for the production of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

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Products Building Panels Foam-core insulation sandwiches

Process Tunnel Insulated foam board sandwich

Dispensing Machine Dispensing equipment for phenolic, urethane and isocyanurate chemicals

Flexible Foam Foam insulation for plastic foaming industry

Rebonder Continuous production of bonded carpet underlayment

Block Mold Makes large expanded polystyrene blocks

Embossing Machine Embosser of aluminum-plated paper, aluminum foil, art paper, pattern paper

FoamCutter FoamCutter is a computerized saw for cutting foam blocks into any shape imaginable.



Material handling and cargo handling vehicles

Air Cargo Vehicles for aircraft cargo and material handling

Cargo Systems Vehicles for cargo hauling and transportation systems

Material Handling A variety of material handling vehicles

Crop Harvesting Crop harvesting, crop movers and crop transporters

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Products Karry-All Low-lift and High-lift automated cargo systems

40K Loader Air cargo handling systems

Strad-O-Lift Cargo handling and cargo hauling

Straddle Fork Crate transporting crop mover

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