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Insulation Equipment From Kornylak
For Insulation Products Manufacturing

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Insulation Equipment Manufactured By Kornylak For Insulation Productions

Building Panel Foam-core, integral skin panels combine superior insulation, low cost, attractive appearance, light weight, rigidity and large easy-to-install sections.
Building Panel

The Process Tunnel is a new generation Foamboarder production line for the manufacturer of urethane, isocyanurate, phenolic and reinforced foam core panels.
Process Tunnel

Kornylak builds meter mixing and dispensing equipment with capabilities that cover the full range of urethane, isocyanurate, and phenolic foam products from low viscosity to high viscosity.
Dispensing Machines

Flexible Foam Designed specifically for the plastic foaming industry, Armorbelt Foaming Conveyors incorporate all the features so necessary for this specialized operation.
Flexible Foam

Kornylak manufactures Rebonder for the continues production of bonded carpet underlayment or padding.

Block Molder is used for making insulation paneling.
Block Mold

Kornylak now offers embossing machines to complement our insulation panel manufacturing equipment.
Embossing Machine
Embossing Machine
Unwind Stand
Board Transfer Unit
Board Feeder
Seam Taping Unit
Dispensing Unit
Fume Removal
Day Tanks
Metering Roller
Pressure Conveyor
Heating Equipment
Roller Conveyors
Dust Removal
Control Panels

Building Panels, Foam Panels, Structural Insulated Panels, Insulation Manufacturing Equipment

Insulation manufacturing equipment that makes building panels in continuous sheet or by panel sections. The machines have manufactured building panels, wall panels, structural insulated panels and roofing systems.

  Block Mold, Expanded Polystyrene Foam, EPS Blocks

Kornylak manufactures two types of Block Molds for the production of expanded polystyrene blocks. The solid block molder makes a large, one-piece block of expanded polystyrene. The panel molder produces a polystyrene insulated structural panel.

Dispensing Machines, Urethane, Isocyanurate, Phenolic Foam

Kornylak manufactures meter, mixing, and dispensing machines for the production of cellular plastics. Each machine is designed to work with either urethane, isocyanurate, or phenolic foam insulation products and floral foam.
  Flexible Foam, Plastic Foaming Industry, Urethane Foam Bun Line

Specifically designed equipment produces flexible foam for the plastic foaming industry. This equipment has produced faultless miles of high quality, wide slab foam using the flexible urethane foam bun line machine.

Kornylak Corporation can supply a full turnkey solution for a process line, or interface its machinery with equipment from other sources. All equipment is designed and built with quality and longevity in mind. Some of our machinery is still in service after more than thirty years.

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