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Kornylak Products: Conveyors, Wheels, Insulation Equipment, & Vehicles For Material Handling

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Palletflo was pioneered as the live storage system.

Palletflo® Gravity Powered, Pallet Flow, Live Storage Systems

Palletflo wheels are made with polyurethane tires and these wheels are assembled in rails. The rails are placed into new or existing storage racks at about .4 inches per foot of slope. When your average pallet is loaded on the Palletflo rails gravity pulls the pallet and load down the length of the rails. The urethane tire on the Palletflo wheel dissipates the kinetic energy of the moving pallet. This dissipation is known as the hysteresis affect. With Palletflo each wheel acts as a break allowing you to place light or heavy loads on the same rails. Best of all, they require no maintenance, no adjustments, no power, and no control system, which saves you time and money. Standard, Cold Room and Freezer storage wheels available..

Armorbelt is a heavy duty steel belt conveyor.

Armorbelt® Steel Belt Conveyor

Armorbelt uses a chainless metal belt that offers high performance, and great versatility at an economical price. From manufacturing to material handling, Armorbelt's ability to do so many types of conveying jobs is proven by successful installations in almost every industry. Armorbelts are used on production lines in continuous flow operations and the steel belts work well for use in ovens, cooling systems, or washing and drying areas. With versatility and rugged dependability designed and built into Armorbelt, it can be used as a horizontal, inclined, or vertical conveyor.

Macrobelt is a heavy-duty, aluminum belt conveyor.

Macrobelt® Heavy-Duty, Material Handling And Conveying Operations

Macrobelt has a heavy-duty, smooth, flat surface that is ideal for all types of material handling and conveying operations. Adjacent interlocking plates mate precisely across the full width of the conveyor with almost no visible step. This accurate alignment combined with the smooth flat top of each plate results in an unusually flat and smooth belt surface. This condition is maintained by the high stiffness of the plates, and heavy duty ball bearing rollers running on a hard alloy track.

Twistless Shaftless Live Roller is a powered live roller conveyor.
TS Live Roller

Twistless Shaftless Powered Roller Conveyor

Twistless Shaftless (TS) is the leading edge in live roller conveyors. The TS combines the high torque positive drive of chain driven live roller with the multi-roller drive efficiently of live shaft. TS utilizes a chain driven sprocket that substantially increases the torque to each drive roller. This positive drive force is transferred to one or more rollers in a multiplicity of patterns in a same plane alignment.

Rollerflo is a gravity flow roller conveyor.

Rollerflo® Gravity Powered, Pallet Flow, Roller Conveyors

Rollerflo can handle plastic pallets, wood pallets with very few and or extremely narrow runners as well as a wide variety of sizes and shapes of loads. Rollerflo® are gravity powered roller conveyors with a difference! They utilize the hysteresis control principle of Kornylak's patented Palletflo® urethane coated skate wheels.

Cartonflo is a gravity powered carton flow storage rack system.

Cartonflo® Gravity Flow, Carton Flow, Storage racks

Cartonflo was designed for use in live storage racks where cartons flow by gravity for rapid, efficient order filling. Cartonflo saves space, speeds up picking, helps reduce errors, protects products, and improves inventory control.

Trackwheel is designed for handling conveyor curves and bends.

Trakwheel For Conveying Around Bends And Curves

Trakwheel is design for conveying packages along curves and bends. Curves are tailor-made to suit particular applications. Inside radius, package dimensions and bend angle are required, and left hand or right hand curve must be specified. The frames are rigid aluminum or stainless steel construction with square tube cross braces. The required fall over the curve is built-in during manufacture.

Vertiflo is a vertical conveyor.

Vertiflo® Compact, High Speed, Heavy-Duty, Vertical Conveyors

Kornylak is the manufacturer of Vertiflo vertical conveyors. Almost 700 Vertiflo's, some in service since 1952, have proven these vertical conveyors to be the finest compact, high speed, dependable and versatile units available. Six standard models handle loads from small individual packages to 3,000 lb. pallet loads in a high-speed continuous stream with a choice of manual or automatic loading and unloading in both directions.

Series TKV are designed to handle problem materials.

Series TKV Designed For Handling Problem Materials

Series TKV are designed especially for handling such problem materials as: Cement, Ore, Lime, Billets, Coils, Coke, Slag, Forging's, Steel Sheets, Scrap Metal, Hot Castings, Molds, Red Hot Sinter Agglomerate and Fines. TKV's are available with pans, trays or buckets.

Monoflo is a lightweight screw conveyor.

Monoflo® Lightweight, Inexpensive Screw Conveyor

Monoflo is a simple, inexpensive conveyor for transporting light loads. Basically, it consists of a flexible, lightweight cable with hardened steel screw threads, which rotates in a metal rail. The screw threads project above the rail engaging the metal hangers from which items weighing as much as 25 lbs. may be suspended. As the cable rotates, the hooks are moved at speeds up to 12 fpm. A compact drive unit at the input end rotates the cable.

Zipflo is a lightweight belt conveyor.

Zipflo® Belt Conveyor Is Light In Weight, And Carries Heavy Loads

Zipflo's small size belt makes a system that is exceptionally lightweight in relation to its load-carrying capacity. Kornylak's Zipflo® moves a wide range of types and weights of loads at a standard speed of 60 or 90 feet per minute. Optional drives are available for speeds from 12 fpm to 500 fpm. Variable speed drives are also available, depending on the application.

Minirail is a lightweight Rail preasembled to build instant Conveyors.

Minirails to build a Conveyor in a Snap

Minirails are galvanized steel rails preassembled with plastic Miniwheels to create instant conveyor sections. Load Capacity is 40kg/wheel. The Flanged Wheel model JXA122-X is ideal for sides of conveyor sections to guide cartons, the Standard JXA121-X for center rails. Discounts available for large volumes. Wheel spacing options designated by ‘-X for 33mm, 50mm and 66mm wheel spacing for Standard JXA121-X and 50mm, 66mm and 83mm for Flanged JXA122-X’


Mini-Wheel is a lightweight, all plastic conveyor wheel.

Mini-Wheel® Lightweight, All Plastic Wheels

Mini-Wheels are lightweight, all plastic wheels for use on gravity flow storage racks and carton flow racks. The Mini-Wheels and their brackets snap quickly together and into their aluminum rail. If you need a different setup simply slide the Mini-Wheels out and move them around to a new location.

Omniwheel is a omni directional wheel used on conveyors, transfer systems and robots.

Omniwheel Multi Directional, Robot Wheels

Omniwheels are multi directional wheels used on conveyors and other applications. There are two types of Omniwheels: the heavy-duty aluminum body that can be used as a powered wheel, and the lightweight plastic body for use on robots and other omni directional applications.

Palletflo wheels are designed as the ultimate gravity flow conveyor wheels.

Palletflo® Gravity Flow Rack And Warehouse Storage Systems

Palletflo wheels were designed as the ultimate gravity conveyor wheel. These wheels are assembled onto rails. The rails are placed into new or existing storage racks at about .4 inches per foot of slope. When your average pallet is loaded on the Palletflo rails gravity pulls the pallet and load down the length of the rails. The urethane tire on the Palletflo wheel dissipates the kinetic energy of the moving pallet. This dissipation is known as the hysteresis effect. What makes Palletflo better than other gravity conveyor systems? With Palletflo each wheel acts as a brake allowing you to place light or heavy loads on the same rails. Best of all, they require no maintenance, no adjustments, no power, and no control system, which saves you time and money.

Pallet Flow - Click to continue.
Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow Gravity Powered Conveyor Wheels

These Pallet Flow wheels are used on gravity powered conveyor rails for use with FIFO storage racks in high density warehouses. The Pallet Flow wheels are made from high strength plastic and have an exceptional load rating.

Superwheel is an all-plastic conveyor skatewheel.

Superwheel® Plastic Skatewheel Conveyors

Superwheel is an all-plastic skatewheel for use on conveyors. Superwheel has unique plastic barrel bearings that allow it to carry heavy loads. This design requires no lubrication, which allows Superwheel to be used in harsh environments or under water.

Transdisc is light in weight, yet heavy duty, multi directional wheel.

Transdisc® Omni Directional Wheel, Heavy Duty, Light In Weight

Transdisc is a heavy duty, multi directional wheel, which is designed for mounting on a flush surface and it is light in weight. This makes Transdisc ideal for aircraft cargo loading and unloading.

Transwheel is a multidirectional wheel used on conveyors and robots.

Transwheel® Conveyor And Robot Wheels, Multidirectional, Powered Bidirectional

Transwheels are made with all plastic bodies and rollers and have stainless steel axles. Transwheel is available in 2 inch and 4 inch diameters with a single row, or double row of rollers and optional multiple row bodies. These wheels are used on omni directional conveyors and powered bi-directional robot wheels. The New Cat-Trak rollers offer greater gripping with either the rubber coated polypropylene rollers or the urethane rollers.

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Insulation Equipment

Building panel equipment is for the production of foam-core panels and structural insulated panels (SIPs).
Building Panel

Building Panel, Structural Insulation Panels, Manufacturing Equipment

Kornylak manufactures Building Panel equipment for the production of foam-core, integral skin panels that combine superior insulation, low cost, attractive appearance, lightweight, rigidity and large easy-to-install sections. The structural insulated panels (SIPs) produced on these machines are contributing significantly to progress in building construction. Many designs are available to meet most architectural needs. Seven building panel styles are shown. All can be produced in continuous lengths, cut to size and stacked as they emerge from the line.

Process Tunnel is a new generation of foam board production line linsulated panel manufacturing.
Process Tunnel®

Process Tunnel® Insulation Foam Core Panel Production line

The Process Tunnel is a new generation Foamboarder® production line for the manufacture of urethane, isocyanurate, phenolic and reinforced foam core panels. The conventional double-belt pressure section of the panel line has been replaced by a Process Tunnel to permit spectacular improvement in performance.

Kornylak manufactures dispensing machines for the production of urethane, isocyanurate, or phenolic foam products.
Dispensing Machines

Dispensing Machines, Foam Insulation, Urethane, Isocyanurate, Phenolic

The Kornylak Corporation manufactures meter, mixing, and dispensing machines for the production of cellular plastics. Whether you are using urethane, isocyanurate, or phenolic for the production of foam insulation products, foam core panels, or building panels, Kornylak can build a machine to meet your needs. The Dispensing Machine is one piece of a full turnkey insulation production system from the Kornylak Corporation.

Flexible Foam insulation equipment was designed specifically for the plastic foaming industry.
Flexible Foam

Flexible Foam Insulation Manufacturing Equipment

Flexible Foam insulation manufacturing equipment is designed specifically for the plastic foaming industry. Armorbelt Foaming Conveyors incorporate all the features necessary for this specialized operation. Armorbelt manufacturing equipment has made possible the faultless production of miles of high quality, wide slab foam.

Rebonder is for the manufacturing of carpet underlayment padding.

Rebonder, Polyurethane Carpet Padding And Carpet Underlayment

The Rebonder system converts low value flexible polyurethane salvage into a high value carpet underlayment for which there is a steadily growing market that is as large as the carpet industry itself. This continuous process of bonded carpet underlayment eliminates as much as 50% of the labor in older methods and reduces waste and regrind by as much as 95%.

Block Mold machines produce blocks of expandable polystyrene or EPS.
Block Mold

Block Mold, Polystyrene Panel Insulation Machines

Kornylak manufactures two types of Block Mold machines: the solid polystyrene block molder and the polystyrene panel molder. The solid block molder makes a large, one-piece block of solid polystyrene. While the panel molder takes a piece of pre-form metal and molds polystyrene around it. These molded panels are referred to as structural insulated panels or SIPs.

Kornylak can provide all the Accessories for a turn key a insulated panel production line.

Accessories And Equipment For Manufacturing Insulation

The Kornylak Corporation provides all the essential equipment and accessories needed for manufacturing insulation. Since 1958 Kornylak has meant leadership in high productivity equipment to the cellular foam industry. Kornylak provides the following items as well as other items not listed: embossing machine, unwind stand, feed board stacker, board feeder, seam taping unit, traverse, dispensing unit, fume removal, day tanks, metering roller, pressure conveyor, heating equipment, roller conveyor, saws, dust removal, and control panels.

Kornylak offers Embossing machines that have digitally etched engraving rollers.
Embossing Machine

Embosser Machine, Foil, Aluminum, Paper, And Rolled Material

The 850 Embosser is designed to emboss and then rewind the rolled material. A variety of materials may be embossed by the 850 such as: aluminum-plated paper, aluminum foil, art paper, pattern paper, gold and silver card paper and other soft materials.

FoamCutter Is A Computerized Saw For Cutting Foam Into Any Shape Imaginable.

FoamCutter, Wire Saw, Foam Blocks, Designing Shapes, Computerized Controls

FoamCutter is a revolutionary solution for fast, efficient, economical cutting of both flexible and rigid foams. A computerized high production profiler, FoamCutter features the unique combination of high foam utilization, increased output, ease of operation and complete safety features.

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Karry-All cargo lift trucks are available in 2 models: high-lift and low-lift.

Karry-All®, Material Handling, Aircraft Cargo, Lift Trucks

Kornylak manufactures two models of Karry-All cargo lift trucks; the high-lift and low-lift. The high-lift Karry-All is designed to load and unload aircraft cargo fast. The low-lift Karry-All is designed for hauling cargo to destinations across-town to plant-sites, warehouses, or rail, air, or water shipment points. Both models have unprecedented speed and economy.

The 40K Loader / Unloader is used for loading aircraft cargo.
40K Loader

40k Loader/Unloader, Air Cargo Handling Truck

The Kornylak 40k Loader/Unloader is unique in the field of many similarly portrayed pieces of equipment. Not only is it compact, maneuverable and versatile, it is constructed of the highest-grade materials and built to last for many years. The 40K has proven to be the most reliable tactical Loader/Transporter in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Strad-O-Lift is a unique laborsaving way to move crops or palletized items.

Strad-O-Lift®, Material Handling, Semi-Trailer, Highway Transportation

The Kornylak Strad-O-Lift is the most efficient, laborsaving device designed for highway transportation. Combining the advantages of a straddle carrier and a conventional semi-trailer, Strad-O-Lift, driver controlled, loads itself in less than a minute. Powered by a standard truck tractor, it cruises over highways or rough roads. With the load safety carried at a low center of gravity, it delivers the cargo and unloads it in seconds.

Straddle Fork is a a crop harvesting and transporting system.
Straddle Fork®, Row Crop Harvesting, Transportation System

Straddle Fork introduces a new harvesting and transporting system to tree and row crop operations. Crops move from the orchard or field faster with a minimum of manual labor. Empty bins are mechanically distributed in an orderly manner to conveniently serve pickers. Removal of full bins and loading of highway vehicles is also fully mechanized.

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