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Wheels for Robots That Are Multi Directional & Powered

The Transwheel and Omniwheel robot wheels are multi directional and powered for use as drive wheels.
Robot Wheels
This page contains different methods for mounting wheels on robots.
Mounting Wheels
Here are a collection of robot pictures people have sent to Kornylak Corporation.
Robot Pictures
Here is a list of robot competitions.
Robot Competitions
This page contains information on robots.
Robot Information
This page lists resources for designing and building robots and where to purchase parts.
Robot Resources

Transwheel and Omniwheel Robot wheels, multi directional, powered wheels

Transwheels and Omniwheels are used as robot wheels. They are both multi directional wheels that can be used as idler or powered wheels.
  Mounting robot wheels

There are several ways of mounting Transwheels and Omniwheels. This page shows a few of those ways.

Robot Pictures, robots in action

Shown here are pictures of robots that people have sent to the Kornylak Corporation.

Robotics Competitions

Inside is a list of popular robot competitions.

Robotics Information

This page contains information on robots.

Robotics Resources

Inside you will be able to find resources for designing, building, and purchasing parts.

Robotics and robots have become an integral part of our world. They are used in a wide variety of business applications from industrial to medical. They have become part of our everyday lives. Manufactures use them to weld a range of metals and products, and to assemble everything from electronics to cars. In the medical field, they are used by surgeons to perform hundreds of surgeries everyday. They are also used by doctors to see patients who are at other hospitals. Robots have now become amusement park rides. They have been used for years to explore the depths of our oceans. They are used by scientist to explore volcanoes and by NASA to explore Mars. There are several models of robots that will automatically vacuum you home. There are even robots to cut your grass.

In October of 2005, Stanford racing team won the DARPA’s Grand Challenge. DARPA Grand Challenge is a field test intended to accelerate research and development in autonomous ground vehicles that will help save American lives on the battlefield. In other words, it was a challenge for researchers to get computers to drive cars all by themselves. This challenge has ushered in a new age of automotive transpiration. In the future, your car will drive you. Each year brings advances to the field of robotics that bring us one step closer to the robots we see in the movies.

Kornylak Corporation is proud to be a part of this marvelous and ever changing field of robotics. We offer two types of wheels that are used on robots: Transwheel