Superwheel is the all-plastic replacement skate wheels for conveyors.  

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Superwheel® The All-Plastic, Skate Wheels For Conveyors

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Superwheel® Is The All-Plastic Replacement For Skate Wheel Conveyors

Superwheel At A Glance

Superwheel® is the first anti-friction, heavy duty, all-plastic wheel suitable for general skate wheel conveyor service.

  • Replacement for conventional conveyor wheels
  • All Plastic construction
  • Lightweight with a heavy load rating
  • Low friction design
  • Lubrication free
  • Washable even by steam cleaning

  • Applications
  • Gravity flow conveyors
  • Pallet flow racks
  • Carton flow racks
  • Toys
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Superwheel® is the first anti-friction, heavy duty, all-plastic wheel suitable for general skatewheel conveyor service. Kornylak manufactures this wheel for use on gravity conveyor sections. Superwheel® can be interchanged with standard skatewheels. It weighs only .057 lbs per wheel and can reduce the weight of a typical gravity conveyor section by 40% or more. 

Low Friction
The bearing friction in Superwheel® is significantly lower than in plastic wheels previously available for conveyor systems. Friction is only one-third that of existing all-plastic wheels. Based on comparative tests made with top grade, military specification nylon wheel conveyor requiring a slope of 0.9"/foot. When Superwheels were substituted, a slope of only 0.3"/foot was needed.

No Rust
All components of the Superwheel® are made out of corrosion resistant plastic, permitting applications with exposure to weather, water and many harsh chemicals.

Interchangeable With Skate Wheels
Kornylak's Superwheel® has the same OD, bore and width dimensions as standard skate wheels, so it works with the same axles, spacers and frames to produce all-plastic wheel conveyors.

No Lubrication
No lubrication means that Superwheel® runs dry and never needs oil or grease.

Heavier Load Rating
Superwheel® has six tubular rollers in place of the ball bearings usually used in wheels of this type. The large rollers are closely spaced and maintain contact across their full width. This provides exceptional load carrying capacity and eliminates the brinelling problem of a ball bearing type plastic wheel.

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