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Electronics & Electrical Components

Snap Action Switches (micro switches) by Saia-Burgess USA, Inc.
Technical data and product specifications for snap action micro switches manufactured by Saia-Burgess USA, Inc.

Stegmann Encoders
Our absolute and incremental encoder systems are among the most advanced in the world.

Dust & Air Filtration Systems

Manufactures & Wholesalers

RMI Ingenieria
RMI Ingenieria is the Palletflo® exclusive distributor for Mexico.

Intelligrated Material Handling Solutions
Intelligrated is a partner with Kornylak on multiple industry material handling solutions.

Planned Storage Systems
Planned Storage Systems is the Palletflo® exclusive distributor for the UK.

Federal Equipment Company
Federal Equipment Company specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of conveyors, elevator platforms, dumbwaiters and shipboard helicopter hangar equipment for the US NAVY, US Coast Guard and shipyards throughout the world.

Intellitrak Material Handling Solutions
Intellitrak has partnered with Kornylak on several industry material handling solutions, including recent custom vertical lifts, see below.


Birdtire is your industrial tire headquarters for forklift tires in Houston, Texas
Complete supplier of forklift tires, press on tires, solid tires, poly tires, and foam filled tires in Houston and surrounding area.

Scissor Lifts, Loading Dock Equipment, Ergonomic Lift & Hydraulic Lift Tables
Description - ECOA is a leading manufacturer of scissor lift, loading dock equipment, ergonomic lift tables, hydraulic lift tables and industrial products for over 30 years.

Rand Material Handling
Rand Material Handling is a leading retailer of industrial supply equipment including ladders, hand pallet trucks and more.

Process Systems Services-Steel belt coolers, pneumatic conveying, food processing and trim removal / extraction equipment
Process Systems Services manufacture Steel belt coolers, pneumatic conveyors, food processing and trim removers / extractors.

Advance Belt Conveyors
Advance manufacturers of belt and roller conveyors in aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel

Hamilton Knife - Manufacturing & Sharpening Shear and Other Straight Blade Types
US based industrial blade manufacturer specializing in shear blades and other straight knives for various conversions, industries, food processing and agriculture. Prompt sharpening service available.


Society of Robots
This site helps robot builders turn robotic concepts and ideas into working robots with instructional videos and pictures of society member robot projects, along with pictures of multiple wheel solutions.

Simply stated, we make robotics easier. Our customers are the people who build innovative robots. Making robotics easier allows us at Acroname and our customers to: Have fun; Raise the bar in robotics and related technologies; Lead robotics into the mainstream; Discover new ways to think, help people, and interact; Maintain understanding in emerging technologies.

Robot MarketPlace
We've taken great care in selecting some of the best robot-related items available. From motors, batteries & metals, to toys, t-shirts & books, you're sure to find something helpful or fun within our doors.

RobotLogic was formed by two battlebot builders Byon Garrabrant and Greg Hjelstrom on the long drive home from the November 2001 Battlebots tournament.

Oil & Minerals Appraisal Experts - Professional Geologists at Gustavson
Gustavson Associates are experts in appraisal for Oil & Minerals. Gustavson's team of experts, professional geologists, geophysicists also take care of expert witness, mining & offshore explorations.

CNC Learning & Training Centre
MASC is an Educational Foundation, dedicated to the perpetuation of the metal working trades. The Board of Directors is comprised of Connecticut based manufacturers, manufacturing organizations, educators and state agencies, working together to develop the training and support programs needed by today's manufacturing community.

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