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Conveyor Wheels, Omni Directional, Bi Directional, Powered & Robot Wheels

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6 Inch Mecanum Wheel
Heavy-duty Mecanum Wheel
Pallet Flow
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Kornylak Conveyor Wheels, Pallet Flow Wheels & Omni Directional Wheels For Material Handling Systems

Transwheel unique design has eight free-turning rollers positioned at 90 degrees to the axle around the body of the Transwheel periphery, now combine the movement of the rollers with the rotation of the wheel body and you have the ability to move loads in any direction.
Omniwheel is a heavy-duty multidirectional wheel used on many types of conveyors and material handling systems.
Mini-Wheels are fast and easy to assemble in their self-contained wheel bracket units and they quickly snap into standard aluminum extruded tracks.
Palletflo success is based on its ability to handle almost any pallet and the smooth speed control resulting from the Hysteresis control built into every wheel.
Pallet Flow Wheels are made of high strength plastic and used on dynamic, FIFO storage racks.
Pallet Flow
Kornylak's Superwheel has the same OD, bore and width dimensions as standard skate wheels, so it works with the same axles, spacers and frames to produce all-plastic wheel conveyors.

6" Mecanum Wheel

Heavy-Duty Mecanum Wheel

The Kornylak Corporation makes wheels for conveyors, pallet flow storage racks, omni directional and powered robots and material handling systems.

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Plastic Wheels: Conveyors, Lightweight, Skatewheels, No Lubrication

Kornylak offers washable, all plastic wheels that need no lubrication such as the Superwheel® and Mini-Wheel®. Superwheel® is a conveyor skate wheel and has been used in a variety of other applications. The lightweight Mini-Wheel® is ideal for carton flow storage and display racks.

  Palletflo®: Gravity Flow, Live Storage Systems, Gravity Conveyors

The new Palletflo wheels for live storage system and pallet flow racks have full stainless steel construction. In addition, both the standard and stainless steel Palletflo models may be purchased with or without greased bearings.

Cat-Trak® Transwheel®: Robot Wheels, Glass Manufacturing, Conveyor Transfer Systems

The new Cat-Trak Transwheel offers 2 types of rollers: synthetic rubber coated polypropylene, and polyurethane roller with a molded axle. Both offer a superior grip and are non-marring. They are ideal for glass and window manufacturing as well as powered, and multidirectional robot wheels.

  Omniwheel: Heavy-Duty Robot wheels, Powered Transfer Tables

The heavy-duty Omniwheels are capable of transferring heavy loads on omni directional powered transfer tables.

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