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News On Cat-Trak Transwheels

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News: Cat-Trak

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News On The New Cat-Trak Transwheels That Grip

4202KX Cat-Trak Transwheel. The robot wheel with grip! August 30, 2004

Cat-Trak Robot Wheels With Grip

The Cat-Trak Transwheel® was designed for robot enthusiasts who continually asked for a Transwheel with better traction. The Cat-Trak Transwheels come with either synthetic rubber coated polypropylene rollers or polyurethane rollers and stainless steel axle for awesome gripping power. Standard Transwheels have nylon rollers for heavy loads and to reduce operational friction; the new rollers are designed with traction in mind. If your robot needs to walk up a metal ramp, or across a tile or hard wood floor, the Cat-Trak Transwheel® is what you need!

The Cat-Trak Transwheel is not limited to robots and glass manufacturers will be pleased to know that both types of rollers are non-marring and washable. Also, the Cat-Trak Transwheel model 2051BX is designed to replace the standard skatewheel on conveyors and they have the added benefit of multidirectional movement. If you produce glass or manufacture windows, Cat-Trak Transwheel can improve your productivity.

The Cat-Trak Transwheels use the same bodies as the standard Transwheels; however, they use different rollers. The 2000 series Cat-Trak Transwheels are available with the rubber coated polypropylene rollers, while the 4000 series is available with both types of Cat-Trak rollers. 1. Standard nylon roller. 2. Rubber coated polypropylene roller. 3. Polyurethane roller.

The rubber coated polypropylene rollers are similar to the Transwheels standard nylon rollers; however, they have a thin coating of synthetic rubber around the outside of the roller. This allows the Transwheel® to carry heavy loads while at the same time giving it traction on slick surfaces.

The polyurethane rollers are molded with a stainless steel axle. The urethane rollers will deform some depending on the weight load; however, they have greater gripping power than the rubber coated rollers.


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