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News: Armorbelt® Steel Belt Conveyor

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News: Armorbelts

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Armorbelt® Belt Conveyors Moving Ounces To Tons

Vertical Armorbelt steel belt conveyor. October 11, 2004

Armorbelt® Steel Belt Conveyor For Multi-Level, Or Vertical Operation, Or Production Conveying

Armorbelt is a versatile conveyor system with the ability to do almost any conveying job well with its rugged, dependable design. Armorbelt has had successful installations in almost every industry.

Armorbelt steel belt conveyors can be used for multi-level operation with the conveyor set on an incline or set vertically. In addition, any number of horizontal, inclined and vertical sections may be combined in a one-piece conveyor.

Conveyor Belt Slat
  • The Armorbelt conveyor belt is formed from metal slats that can be zinc coated steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.
  • The belts come in a standard pitch of 6 or 12 inches, but are also available in 3 and 9 inches.
  • Belt widths are available from 6 inches to 24 feet.
  • Each belt slat is formed steel with a smooth top surface and is light in weight for the load it can carry.
  • Every slat is designed to handle a high load capacity and to resist impacts from objects during loading.
  • The belt joints are engineered for long life. They will stay tight and yet permit flexing in both directions.
  • Fixtures can be fastened to the slats to hold items for assembly or vertical conveying.
Features For Trouble Free Production Conveying
  • Smooth, hard, low friction surface
  • Self tracking
  • Resists oil and solvents
  • Withstands extreme heat, cold
  • Will not cut, tear, or stretch
  • High load capacity
  • Wipes clean
  • Low power requirements
  • Automatic take-up
  • Concave and convex vertical curves
  • High quality
  • Will accept bots or welds

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