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News: 2005 Articals And Press Releases

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News: 2005

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2005 Kornylak Corporation & Product News & Information

The Kornylak Corporation is pleased to provide the latest news and information regarding the company and our products.

new high impact multi-directional Transwheel®
New High Impact Transwheel®

June 8, 2005

Transwheel plastic wheel, high impact, multi-directional, robot wheel

This new wheel is currently available in two models with a 2" outside diameter. One has a 1/2" bore and keyway for powered applications (2051KG), the other has a 3/8" plain bore (2051-3/8G)...

Cartonflo carton flow storage racks
Cartonflo Storage Racks

April 20, 2005

Cartonflo Storage Racks, Gravit Powered, FIFO, Carton Flow, Live Storage

News about how Kornylak Corporations Cartonflo storage racks can help decrease picking time, increase floor space while saving you money. Cartonflo has many benefits including more efficient carton storage, greater design flexibility and faster easier order filling...

Conveyor Systems
Conveyor Systems

February 18, 2005

Conveyor Systems News

The Kornylak Corporation manufactures a variety of conveyor systems that improve productivity for manufacturing and material handling...

Robot Wheels
Robot Wheels

January 18, 2005

Robot Wheels Both Powered & Idler

The Kornylak Corporation offers two styles of wheels that can be used as robot wheels. They are the Transwheel and the Omniwheel...

Kornylak Corporation is an engineering-oriented manufacturing company, which throughout its history, has been primarily involved with the design and construction of special machinery especially in the material handling industry.

Kornylak serves four major markets: industrial and commercial material handing, military material handling equipment and devices, agricultural and cargo handling vehicles, and machinery for the processing of cellular plastics.

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