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Zipflo® Belt Conveyor Product Review

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Lightweight Belt Conveyor Zipflo Product Review And News

Zipflo Mat Mover is a variation on the ZNX Twin-Zip. Sep 13, 2004

Zipflo Belt Conveyors, Lightweight, Exceptional Load Capacity

Zipflo® belt conveyors are lightweight with exceptional load caring capacity. There are six standard types of Zipflos; however, Zipflo can be easily modified to meet your exacting needs.

A typical ZHX Hanger Zipflo system handles up to 30-pounds per hook and can be hung from the ceiling or walls.

The ZFX Floating Zipflo uses wheels to support the load while the belt conveyor moves the load in either direction.

Series ZNX Twin-Zip Zipflos are exceptionally lightweight compact conveyors used for transporting cartons, trays and other flat bottom, or cylindrical loads.

A typical ZTX Trough-Zip Zipflo has a slotted or v-shaped trough for rapid movement of such items as books or envelops and small items like electronic assemblies.

The ZSX Slide-Zip Zipflo has slides on both sides of the belt for conveying smooth bottom loads, such as cartons and trays.

The SMX Mono-Zip Zipflo has a selection of guardrails designed to handle a full range of can, jar, and bottle sizes.

  • Fast: Move varying load types and weights at speeds of 12 to 500 feet per minute.
  • Easy Installation: Installs using standard modular components with wall, floor, or overhead mounting.
  • Easy To Operate: Works well for automated or mechanized conveying systems.
  • Compact, Low-Profile Design: Zipflo's has a low profile design since the belt returns inside the tube to minimize space.


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