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News About Palletflo® Stainless Steel Wheels

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News: Palletflo
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News About Palletflo® Stainless Steel Wheels For Gravity Conveyors & Pallet Racks

August 23, 2004

More On Palletflo Storage Rack Systems

New Stainless Steel Wheels
Kornylak introduces its NEW Stainless Steel Wheels with Polyurethane Tires. These heavy-duty Stainless Steel Wheels have a Polyurethane Tire, which is quiet, non-marring and has hysteresis properties that puts the control in controlled gravity live storage racks.

Palletflo Stainless Steel wheels are available with the blue cool room polyurethane tire, orange ambient temperature polyurethane tire, and yellow non-hysteresis polyurethane tire.

Corrosion Resistance, Steam Clean Or Washed Down
Combine the corrosion resistance stainless steel wheel with the hysteresis property of the polyurethane wheel and you get a gravity conveyor that can be steam cleaned, washed down with a sanitizer and resists salt spray for marine grade applications.

FDA & Food Applications: Beverage Storage
Need stainless steel wheels for FDA and food applications such as beverage storage? Palletflo blue urethane wheels are designed to work at temperatures from 28° Fahrenheit to 55° Fahrenheit. Palletflo® orange urethane wheels are designed for warehouse use with a temperature range from 60° Fahrenheit to 90° Fahrenheit. Tropicana, Anheuser-Busch, Coca Cola, and Pepsi use Palletflo gravity conveyors for beverage storage racks.

All Palletflo wheels are available without grease. Let us know when you order if you would like the wheels to be grease free.


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