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News: Structural Insulated Panels Machines

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News: SIPs

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Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) Manufacturing Equipment

October 18, 2004 This is a picture of a split belt Foamboarder system.

Foamboarder® Manufacturing Equipment For Continuous Production Of Structural Insulated Panels

The Kornylak Corporation has been manufacturing structural insulated panel production equipment since 1958. The Kornylak Foamboarder systems have been used for manufacturing structural panels for walls, roofing, ceilings, and floors. The Foamboarder has the ability to use both rigid and flexible skins and has produced panels using paper, foil, plastic, steel, aluminum, pressboard, drywall and plywood.

Panel Thickness and Production Speeds
The Foamboarder allows the manufacturer to adjust both the panel thickness and production speed to a precise value. In addition, the panels can be cut off "on the fly" to predetermined lengths as the boards exit the continuous press.

Foamboarder Design
The length of the Foambarder system is dependent on the chemical process being used. The length of the main laminator is chosen in proportion to the production rate versus the reaction speed of the foaming chemicals. Product dimensions must be held until expansion is complete and cured enough to maintained its shape.

The width and thickness may be adjustable for the production of different panels on the same line. The Foamboarder production line also has the ability to produce SIPs with different side profiles that allow dove tailing of the panels during assembly.

  • Speed and economy of continuous production
  • No length limitation
  • Wide selection of panel skins using flexible or rigid material
  • Assured accuracy during production
  • Flexibility of chemical formulations and production speeds
  • Efficient utilization of materials

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