The Kornylak Corporation manufactures powered wheels for conveyors, gravity flow racks, and robots.  

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Powered Wheel: Gravity, Conveyor, & Robot

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Pallet Flow

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Kornylak Manufactures Powered Wheels For Conveyors, Gravity Flow & Robots

TranswheelTranswheel® Robot Wheels, Conveyor, Multidirectional, Powered Bidirectional

Transwheels are made with all plastic bodies and rollers and have stainless steel axles. Transwheel® is available in 2 inch and 4 inch diameters with single row, double row and optional multiple row bodies. These wheels are used on powered conveyors and powered bi directional robots.

  OmniwheelOmniwheel Robot Wheels, Powered, Bidirectional, Omni Directional

There are two types of Omniwheels: the heavy-duty aluminum body 2530 models and the lightweight plastic body models 2570 and 2580. Both the aluminum and plastic models must be used in pairs in order to provide support of the 360 degrees of rotation. Omniwheels are used on powered turntables, transfer tables and other conveying devices.

TransdiscTransdisc® Omni Directional Wheels, Air Freight, Light In Weight

Transdisc is a heavy duty, multi directional wheel, which is designed for mounting on a flush surface and it is light in weight. This makes Transdisc ideal for aircraft cargo loading and unloading.

  PalletfloPalletflo® Live Storage Rack, Gravity Flow Racks

Palletflo wheels were designed as the ultimate wheel used on gravity conveyors. These wheels are assembled in conveyor rails. The rails are placed into new or existing storage rack. The pallet flows down the rails powered by gravity. Each Palletflo wheel acts as a brake allowing you to place light or heavy loads on the same rails. Best of all, they require no maintenance, no adjustments, no power, and no control system, which saves you time and money.

SuperwheelSuperwheel® Plastic Wheel, Gravity Conveyor

Superwheel is an all-plastic skatewheel for use on conveyors. Superwheel® has unique plastic barrel bearings that allow it to carry heavy loads. This design requires no lubrication, which allows Superwheel to be used in harsh environments or under water.

  Mini-WheelMini-Wheel® Gravity Flow, Storage Racks, Carton Flow Racks

Mini-Wheels are lightweight, all plastic wheels for use on gravity flow storage racks and carton flow racks. The Mini-Wheels® and their brackets snap quickly together and slid into their aluminum rail. If you need a different setup, you can simply slide the Mini-Wheels out and move them to a new location.

Pallet FlowPallet Flow Gravity Powered Conveyor Wheels

These Pallet Flow wheels are used on gravity powered conveyor rails for use with FIFO storage racks in high density warehouses. The Pallet Flow wheels are made from high strength plastic and have an exceptional load rating.


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