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Transfer Tables

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Transfer Tables

TS Live Roller

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Manual and Powered Transfer Tables

Kornylak Corporation is the manufacturer of several types of transfer tables, both powered and manual. These tables use multidirectional wheels and/or other mechanical devices to transfer loads from one conveyor system to another.

Powered Transrail

Constructed of separately driven lateral and longitudinal Transrails. Moves flat bottomed objects in any horizontal path (forward, backward, left, right diagonally or curvilinear) without rotation of the load. Powered Transrail makes a versatile sorter, transfer device, positioning unit or diverter. Click link to movie of Transrail in action   My Movie11Transtable.wmv
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Powered Transdisc

Powered Transdisc system utilizes limit switches to automatically sequence a flat bottomed 2000 lb. load through a series of x and y paths, a diagonal path and a 90 rotation. Two gear motors provide the drive for the entire system. Normally, one chain drives all x direction units and the other the y direction units. The 1/8" thick metal cover provides safety, and a clean appearance.  Click link to movie of Transdisc in action    My MovieTransdisk.wmv
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Omniwheel Powered Transfer Tables

The rugged design of the Omniwheel allows it to move heavy loads in any direction. The design of this table allows it to move loads any of four ways. This table is part of an automatic pallet sorting system designed for the U.S. Air Force.
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Right Angle Transfer System

This system uses a pneumatic cylinder to lift the package. A powered belt moves the package from one conveyor to the next.
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Right Angle Transection Powered Transfer

In this right angle transfer system; the powered rollers push the package onto the powered Transection. Once the package is fully on the transaction, it is transferred to the next section of conveyor by a pneumatic device.
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