The Karry-All has unprecedented speed and economy with its automated cargo system in inter-facility transporting air cargo, material handling.  

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Karry-AllŽ Additional Information
Air Cargo Material Handling System

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Additional Information On Karry-AllŽ Automated Cargo Material Handling Systems

Modular Design
The Kornylak concept of modular design makes the Karry-All a maintenance man's dream. The cab, for instance, is installed as a complete assembly; the entire cab "shell" can be removed from the tubular steel frame by loosening ten bolts, thereby facilitating servicing of cab electrical and control systems. Here the Karry-All is loaded with 4 aircraft cargo pallets.

All hydraulic actuating components are arranged for quick, easy access for repair or replacement. All hydraulic control valves are centralized in a module mounted on the front of the truck, where service and repair may be made with plenty of "elbow room."

The engine and transmission go in (and come out) as a modular assembly, too. Fitted with caster brackets, the power package is readily unbolted from the truck frame and can then be wheeled out from under the vehicle for major maintenance or repair.

The Karry-AllŽ is powered by either a diesel or gasoline engine, depending upon requirements, matched to a transmission of choice. A heavy-duty driveline and differential transmit power to the rear axle of the vehicle.

Objective: Economy
Whether serving today's aircraft or tomorrow's, the high-lift Karry-allŽ offers three-way economy... as an elevator, as a ramp unit, and as a truck. Whether serving a large cargo station mainly in one capacity or a small station where its full versatility is constantly required, the Karry-AllŽ gives you more cargo mobility per dollar... plus the kind of 'round-the-clock' utilization you strive for in your aircraft.

Objective: Reliability
Everything about the Karry-All has been designed for rugged service, fastest possible cargo handling, and simplicity of maintenance. Not just a truck, the Karry-All is a modern, moneymaking cargo handling tool - part of the Kornylak Total Systems package which, by speeding interfacility shipments and enabling one-man operation, can greatly reduce your material handling costs, manufacturing time cycles, and inventories.

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