This page contains a comprehensive executive summary on Karry-All cargo hauling trucks.  

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Karry-All®: Executive Product Summary

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Executive Product Summary for Karry-All Cargo Lift Trucks

Understanding the Karry-All Cargo Lift Trucks
  • There are two Karry-All® models the High-Lift and Low-Lift
  • High-Lifts are designed to load/unload aircraft cargo fast
  • Low-Lifts are designed for hauling cargo across-town to warehouses, rail, air, and sea ports
  • Both models are designed with speed and economy in mind
  • Each Karry-All model has a 69" x 260" adjustable-height cargo deck
  • The deck has two rows of independently powered roller conveyors
  • Conveyors are controlled from the cab or by remote control
  • Optional van body or tarp body is available for each model
  • Modular design for quick and simple maintenance
  • More cargo mobility per dollar with three way economy
  • Karry-All is an elevator, a ramp unit, and a transport truck
  • Each Karry-All is designed and built for fast rugged service
  • Load and unload aircraft cargo fast
  • Two models: Low-Lift and High-Lift
  • Haul cargo across-town, to a warehouse, or around an airport
  • Speed, reliability, and economy
  • Designed for ease of maintenance
  • Some applications are: Aircraft cargo, hauling cargo across-town, from a warehouse, to an airport, rail depot, or sea port
  • Both models can be used as elevators, ramps and transport trucks

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