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Straddle Fork®
Crate Transporting Crop Mover

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Straddle Fork®

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Straddle Fork® Is A Crate Transporting Crop Mover

Straddle Fork At A Glance

Straddle Fork® quickly picks up full bin and easily drives over empty or partially full bins.

  • Crop Harvester & Transporting System
  • Row Crops & Orchards
  • Picks Up Stacks Of Field Boxes
  • 935 Lbs Or 4 Field Boxes
  • Very Efficient
  • Extremely Mobile
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The Modern Way To Move Crops
Straddle Fork® introduces a new harvesting and transporting system to tree and row crop operations. Crops move from the orchard or field faster with a minimum of manual labor. Empty bins are mechanically distributed in an orderly manner to conveniently serve pickers. Removal of full bins and loading of highway vehicles is also fully mechanized. Crops arrive at the packing or processing plant much fresher and at lower cost. Manual carrying of field boxes is eliminated. Pickers spend more of their time and efforts picking. The equipment and manpower needed to serve pickers is reduced to a minimum and is utilized at high efficiency. Trees, roots and drainage systems are protected.

How The System Works Straddle Fork® can lift five bins, but is unable to straddle any bins.
These harvesting advantages result from a combination of features that make up the new system. The standard bulk bins, that measure 47 inches square, 32 inches high, with 17 times the capacity of conventional field boxes, have a capacity of 935 lbs. of fruit or produce. Straddle Fork® picks - up, stacks and secures 4 such full bins within its frame and delivers them to the roadside for automatic pickup by Strad-O-Lift® trailers. It is also capable of stacking and carrying 5 empty bins. All loads are moved in a raised position permitting Straddle Fork® to straddle other bins or crops up to 38 inches high x 59 inches wide. Straddle Fork places empty bins in a row at spots convenient to the picker. It then backs up over the row to pick-up full bins for a return trip to the roadside where the 4 high stacks are placed in a 32 bin row for pick-up by a Strad-O-Lift® trailer. The Straddle Fork®, with extended forks, then picks-up 5 more empty bins for delivery to the field, repeating a cycle which enables 1 Straddle Fork to serve up to 45 pickers.

This efficient linear handling system operates within a tree clearance of only 8 feet. It eliminates damage to trees, roots, drip irrigation systems and drainage furrows.

Less Energy And Maintenance Expense Straddle Fork® is designed to carry four full bins and delivers them to the roadside for delivery to the processing center.
The Straddle Fork® engine is capable of continuous, demanding operation. The normal, average fuel consumption is less than one gallon per hour on which it can match the output of 45 pickers. Grower and operator owners say Straddle Fork® has fewer breakdowns, less maintenance, and is less expensive to operate than any other machine.

Replacement parts are stocked at the Hamilton, Ohio plant and at the Camarillo, California service center. Many of the standard components are also available in tractor, forklift and truck service centers throughout the U.S.

Exceptional Mobility
Four-wheel, posi-traction drive with rear-wheel steering allows the Straddle Fork® to handle crops in a wide range of conditions. It maneuvers extremely well on soft soil, sand, rough terrain, steep grades and rocky mountainsides with curving, narrow rows. Wide, high-floatation tires keep soil compaction to a minimum, even with payloads of up to 4500 lbs.

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