The Strad-O-Lift® trailer is used for cargo hauling and pallet load handling across town or across the country.  

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Strad-O-Lift® For Cargo Hauling & Pallet Handling

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Strad-O-Lift® Efficiency Saves Time & Money

Strad-O-Lift® At A Glance

Here Strad-O-Lift is used to haul bottled water around town.

  • Most Efficient, Laborsaving Device Designed
  • Combines A Straddle Carrier With A Semi-Trailer
  • Loads Itself In Less Than A Minute
  • Saves Valuable Time & Money
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The Kornylak Strad-O-Lift® is the most efficient, laborsaving device designed for highway transportation. Combining the advantages of a straddle carrier and a conventional semi-trailer, Strad-O-Lift®, driver controlled, loads itself in less than a minute. Powered by a standard truck tractor, it cruises over highways or rough roads. With the load safety carried at a low center of gravity, it delivers the cargo and unloads it in seconds.

Self-loading and unloading versatility is inherent in the design of the Strad-O-Lift®. It will automatically align crooked loads. It can remove the top layer of tiered pallets. Strad-O-Lift® also has the ability to make drop shipments.

The Strad-O-Lift® was developed to reduce material handling and transportation costs in the fruit industry, but it proves equally adept at handling any type of high density packaged or bulk freight. Strad-O-Lift® now serves many industries in varied applications.

The Strad-O-Lift® is ideally suited for high density load hauling, interplant transfer, or short hauls.Many different types of cargo are hauled using Strad-O-Lift® such as these steel pipes.

1 Strad-O-Lift® = 3 To 4 Conventional Rigs
Because the Strad-O-Lift® picks up and deposits its cargo by driver cab control, loading and unloading labor at the vehicle is eliminated. Field reports indicate that Strad-O-Lift® out-performs other vehicles 4 to 1 on a 10-mile haul because of reduced turnaround time. Since loads can be made up without the vehicle's having to be on site, load make-up labor is more evenly distributed through an 8-hour day, eliminating overtime. Workers do not have to be idle awaiting the arrival of a tractor-trailer rig. The workload is leveled at the delivery end, too. Just as in loading, the Strad-O-Lift® can be unloaded by the driver, unassisted, and without his having to leave the cab.

Eliminates Forklift Work
Since the Strad-O-Lift® deposits the entire load, it does not have to be immediately serviced by forklifts, as would a conventional semi-trailer. An entire load can be broken down at the convenience of one forklift operator, with dramatic savings in labor costs.

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