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Dispensing Machine: Executive Product Summary

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Dispensing Machines

Dispensing Machine
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Executive Product Summary on Dispensing Machine for Cellular Plastics

Understanding the Dispensing Machine line
  • Kornylak manufactures machines that meter, mix, and dispense chemicals for the production of cellular plastics
  • Each Dispensing Machine is designed to produce urethane, isocyanurate, or phenolic foam and can deliver other liquid products
  • The Dispensing Machine is made up of three basic components: dispensing head, pump unit, and control console
  • The dispensing head also mixes the chemicals using either a turbulent or shear style mixer and has a maximum speed of 7000 rpm
  • The dispensing head can be stationary, traverse, or boom mounted
  • Chemical dispensing options include poring and spraying using a number of nozzles
  • Corrosion resistant pumps and hoses are used to guard against aggressive chemicals on the pump unit
  • Flush mounted sensors helps eliminate dead spots in the lines and protect against clogging
  • The precision of the pump drives maintains speed and ratio within 1% of the set point
  • A master control simultaneously changes the speed of all pumps while maintaining the set ratio
  • The user friendly design of the control console incorporates all the functionality needed to operate the dispensing unit
  • The control console has the ability to regulate and display: temperature, pressure, flow of resin, catalyst, additives, blowing agents, shot time, and mixing speed
  • Corrosion resistance for aggressive acid catalyst
  • Compact design
  • User-friendly controls
  • Custom instrumentation
  • Ratio and flow controls for precision mixture
  • Wide range of adjustability
  • System monitoring
  • Safer low pressure chemical handling
Product Applications
  • Insulated Panel production lines using either traverse or stationary head mounting
  • Single box and mold filling using a head mounted on a boom
  • Floral foam production

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