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FoamCutter® A Computerized Saw

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FoamCutter® Is A Computerized Saw For Cutting Foam Into Any Shape Imaginable.

FoamCutter At A Glance

FoamCutter Is A Computerized Saw For Cutting Foam Into Any Shape Imaginable.

  • Computerized Foam Cutter
  • Fast, Efficient, Economical
  • Cuts Both Flexible & Rigid Foams
  • Best Value For The Money
  • High Quality
  • Low Material Waste
FoamCutter is a revolutionary solution for fast, efficient, economical cutting of both flexible and rigid foams. A computerized high production profiler, FoamCutter features the unique combination of high foam utilization, increased output, ease of operation and complete safety features. Simply stated, FoamCutter offers absolutely the best "Value for Money" of any alternative methods available.

Because FoamCutter offers improved output, higher quality, lower material waste and reduced labor, it is a must for production operations producing either rigid or flexible foam products (i.e. pipe wrapping, insulation, decorative building components, floral, furniture parts: seat cushions, circles, bullnoses).

The FoamCutter mouse or the digital board enables the small, multiple design oriented user to produce products of any shape easily, within minutes, while maximizing foam yield and reducing cost. FoamCutter's many unique features make it the answer to your foam cutting requirements.

FoamCutter's outstanding design features include the high-speed endless abrasive wire saw. With this wire saw, all types of foam can be cut into an infinite variety of shapes. FoamCutter assures fast, sharp, safe cutting with no fumes and with less dust than a saw blade. Because the block remains stationary during the cutting, FoamCutter maintains accuracy over the full width of the block producing parts that are identical and to specification. The outstanding design features combine to guarantee complete remote safety as FoamCutter cuts automatically with the operator out of the way.

FoamCutter does it all! Your untrimmed block of foam is cut to length, width, downcut and contoured quickly and easily in one location by one machine, FoamCutter from Kornylak.

To fully appreciate Foam Cutter, we invite you to visit our plant in Hamilton, Ohio and see FoamCutter in operation as it cuts your foam to your specification. If this is not convenient, just send your foam to us and we shall cut it as you specify, videotape the process and return the video and your foam to you.

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