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Phenolflo® Phenolic Foam
Insulation Manufacturing Equipment

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Phenolflo® Specialty Insulation Manufacturing Equipment For Phenolic Foam

Phenolflo dispensing unit for phenolic foam insulation Phenolflo Works with Phenolic Foam, Urethan Foam, and Isocyanurate Foam.

Phenoflo® 20/100 is a low pressure chemical meter, mixing machine. It can be designed to handle a variety of chemicals, but is specifically intended for the difficult phenolic ingredients. Its three basic components are a mixing head, a control console and a pump unit. Outstanding features include: corrosion resistance for aggressive acid catalyst, compact design, service convenience, ample instrumentation, ratio and flow controls, reduced energy losses, wide range adjustability, system monitoring, user-friendly controls.

Phenoflo® 20/100 capabilities cover the full range of cellular phenolics from the relatively low viscosity floral formulations to the high viscosity insulating foams. Capacity ranges from 200 LB/min for 2500 CPS viscosity to 50LB/min for 50,000 CPS formulations. Its advanced design has been proven both in laboratory and full scale panel and slab production running a number of phenolics developed by U.S. and overseas firms.

Dispensing Head
Laydown options include either pour or spray and a choice of stationary, traverse or boom mounting. A selection of shear and turbulent style mixers for selective energy transfers are hydraulically driven with variable speed to accommodate a variety of formulations. Maximum speed is 7000 rpm with close speed regulation regardless of load. The mixing chamber as well as the primary valve chambers are flushed to protect them and connecting lines from clogging or etching by residual chemicals. Pressure balancing is adjustable for optimum pour or spray operation. Continuous internally recirculating coolant lubricates the head and protects against damage from acid or resin leakage. External coolant for “hot” formulations maintains head temperature.

Control And Pump Consoles
Precision pump drives maintain speed and ratio within 1% of setpoint.

A single master control simultaneously changes the speeds of all pumps from near zero to maximum flow while maintaining the set ratios. Flow-meter feedback is provided for the blowing agent pump and the acid stream to accommodate the high slip common with these components.

The use of flush mounted sensors and the elimination of dead spots in the lines and pumps protect against clogging of the resin, whose shelf life may be drastically shortened at high processing temperatures.

Automatic adjustment of process conditions minimizes mixing power requirements. This energy conservation reduces heat buildup and eliminates the need for console ventilation and the accompanying exposure of the console to acidic fumes.

Additional instrumentation is provided to indicate fluid temperature in the lines, pump output pressure, and mixer RPM. Switches in the pressure display meters help protect the system from dangerous overpressures or annoying underpressures by use of alarms or system shutdown. An ammeter is furnished to indicate the instantaneous load on the resin pump.

The head mounted control is removable to eliminate electrical signals at the head for users of pentane blowing agents.

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