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Transdisc® Heavy-Duty For Air Cargo & Baggage Containers

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Heavy-Duty Transdisc® For Multidirectional Material Handling Applications

Heavy-duty Transdisc® is used for multidirectional material handling applications. Transdiscs are used in many material-handling applications that require multidirectional movement. They are light weight for use on aircraft, yet heavy-duty for heavy loads such as air cargo igloos and baggage containers.

Low, Uniform Push Effort
Push effort is low and uniform and is free of the locking action experienced with swivel casters or the dirt binding experienced with ball casters. The coefficient of friction is only .03, permitting movement of heavy loads with low effort. For example, a 747 baggage container weighing 2800 lbs. requires only 84 lbs. of push to move it. Rotation of the container is accomplished with only 60 lbs. of effort. The tiled design of Transdisc® assists the smooth movement of the load from one disc to the other since the effective profile of the titled disc is equivalent to a 15" diameter wheel.

Heavy-Duty, Corrosion Resistant Construction
Transdisc® consists of two major sub-assemblies, a mounting base and a rotating disc. The mounting base is molded of glass filled nylon and includes a tilted stainless steel pivot pin and two tapered nylon rolls to support the disc directly under the load point. The axles are stainless steel. The disc, also of glass filled nylon is equipped with 8 barrel shaped nylon rolls on stainless steel axles. A stainless steel snap ring retains the disc. Fastening of the base to the floor is by means of four 1/4" hex or socket head cap screws with space in the counter bore for a socket wrench.

Simple floor supported cover plates are easily added as desired for appearance or for walking convenience when spacing of Transdisc® is close.

Light Weight
Where light weight is essential, as in portable equipment or in aircraft floors, the 1.5 lb unit weight of Transdisc® is an important feature.


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