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Pallet Flow Wheels On FIFO Storage Racks

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Pallet Flow

FIFO Storage
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Pallet Flow Wheels Used On FIFO Storage Racks In High Density Warehouses

These Pallet Flow wheels are used on rails having mechanical brakes, and are effective on FIFO storage racks in high density warehouses. These Pallet Flow wheels are made from high strength plastic and have an exceptional load rating.

First-in, First-out (FIFO) Storage Racks

In a FIFO storage rack, loads travel on rails from the loading end to the discharge end. The first load entered is the first load taken out. The constant stock rotation is especially beneficial for date-sensitive goods and perishable items.

Space Saving Design

The design of dynamic FIFO storage racks takes up half the room of standard racks. This design allows you to store twice the amount of product in the same area. Since the rails are powered by gravity, pallets flow from one end to the other without electricity or other utilities, saving you money.

Reduction in Equipment and Labor Costs

The FIFO, Pallet Flow storage design reduces the number of main aisles to two: loading, and discharge. The two-aisle design not only makes your people more efficient, it cuts down on handling costs and equipment. This reduction saves labor, equipment, fuel, and money.

Decreased Fork Lift Damages

Since the forklifts have fewer aisles to travel, there is less product and rack damage.

Reduction of Operating Expenses

The smaller foot print of the high density storage areas also means that there is less warehouse to light, heat, air condition, or refrigerate. In addition, the smaller warehouse size needed can in turn reduce insurance, land acquisition costs, building costs, and taxes.

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