Straddle Fork® is a crate transporting crop mover used for harvesting tree and row crops.  

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Straddle Fork®
Crop Harvesting, Transporter, & Forklift

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Straddle Fork®
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Straddle Fork
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Important Features Of Straddle Fork®

With unmatched ability to pick-up, stack and unstack bins, the Straddle Fork® can be used as a standard forklift. Its open-ended front allows the entire mast section to be extended so that the forks are positioned just beyond the front wheels for loading of flatbed trucks. Controls for lifting, tilting and side shifting let it do everything a standard forklift can do. Straddle Fork is a crop harvesting bin transporter with features similar to a forklift.

The hydrostatic drive system allows the driver to control forward, reverse and breaking with one simple foot-operated rocker pedal. The machine stops immediately when the pedal is released. Straddle Fork® also features four-wheel drive or front or rear two-wheel drive. Full power steering is standard, and rear wheel control provides short turn radius.

Optional quick-connect tow bar with its own master cylinder, recoil springs and shock absorbers means the Straddle Fork® can be towed when this is preferred to driving.

Parts Availability
Standard, off-the-shelf components are used in construction of Straddle Fork®. They are easily available in almost every town where facilities for servicing of tractors, forklifts and trucks are located.

Part Of A Proven System
The efficiency and economy of Straddle Fork® has been demonstrated over 12 years of actual in-field use under demanding conditions. It does the job faster, with less energy and maintenance than any other method and when teamed with the Strad-O-Lift® trailer, it is the most modern system for hand-picked crop harvesting.

The 32 bins, which Straddle Fork® so neatly stacked along the roadside, can now be simultaneously picked-up, clamped and driven away by the Strad-O-Lift® trailer.

The driver performs the entire operation in less than two minutes. He delivers the 30,000 lb. payload as a unit to the processing or packing plant and returns with a load of 32 empty bins. These are dropped in less than a minute at the orchard or field where Straddle Fork picks up 8 bins at a time for distribution in the picking rows.

The Straddle Fork® and the Strad-O-Lift® operations are both performed by the drivers alone, without waiting and without assistance. Drivers need not leave their cabs and can be in motion continuously, resulting in extraordinary productivity.

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