Kornylak's specialty vehicle the Strad-O-Lift was designed as a pallet delivery vehicle for cargo handling and cargo hauling.  

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Pictures Of Strad-O-Lift®
For Cargo Hauling & Cargo Handling

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Pictures Of The Pallet Delivery Vehicle Strad-O-Lift® For Cargo Handling & Cargo Hauling

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The driver backs over the pallets, lifts them and starts on his way to deliver them all in two minutes.

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Strad-O-Lift® can haul cargo across town or across the country.

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Strad-O-Lift® can carry 32 produce bins to or from the fields.

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The drive can operate the Strad-O-Lift® trailer with out leaving the cab of the truck, which saves time and money.

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Strad-O-Lifts® are used for cargo handling at farms, factories and distribution centers.

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Many different types of cargo are hauled using Strad-O-Lift® such as these steel pipes.

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Here Strad-O-Lift® is used to haul bottled water around town.

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There is an optional closed trailer version of Strad-O-Lift®.

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Strad-O-Lift's® can transport 32 bins of fresh picked produce or just a few bins as shown here.
  Kornylak's specialty vehicle the Strad-O-Lift® was designed as a pallet delivery vehicle for cargo handling and cargo hauling. Strad-O-Lift® is quite able to lift a large number of pallets at once and deliver the load across town or across the country.

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