Kornylak manufactures several specialty vehicles for aircraft material handling.  

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Vehicles For Air Cargo & Aircraft Material Handling

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Kornylak Manufactures Several Vehicles For Aircraft Cargo & Material Handling

The Kornylak Corporation manufactures three vehicles for handling air cargo, aircraft pallets, and cargo igloos. These vehicles are designed to quickly load and unload aircraft cargo. Also, they are designed with economy and durability in mind.

Fast On-Off Air Cargo Loading With High-Lift Karry-All® Automated cargo transfer from on high-lift Karry-All to another.

The high-lift is designed for airline cargo handling where fast on-off loading is essential; the deck is 96" x 260" and has two independent powered roller conveyors. The conveyors are controlled from the drivers cab, or by remote control and enable the high-lift to load two igloo pallets or air cargo pallets in seconds. The deck of the high-lift may be elevated from 45" to 204" above the ground and has a 4" shift from side to side.

Cargo Trucks And Automated Cargo Loading System Using Low-Lift Karry-All® Low-Lift Karry-All air cargo lift truck with an automated carglo loading system.

The low-lift cargo truck embodies the same deck as the high-lift; however, it only has a maximum height of 72". The low-lift is designed to haul air cargo pallets and igloos from ground facilities on or off airport grounds and deliver them to the aircraft were they are either transferred directly to a high-lift for loading or loaded directly onto an aircraft, hight permitting.

Air Cargo Handling Systems With 40K Loader / Unloader The 40K is transferring the pallet using its powered conveyor system.

The 40K is unique in the field of many similarly pieces of equipment. With its compact, maneuverable, and versatile design, the 40K is constructed out the highest-grade material and built to last. The 40K features a 10’ x 40’ load deck the can lift 40,000 pound loads 13 feet. The 40K is capable of transporting palletized, skid mounted and wheeled loads and can carry as many as 5 HCU-6 / E pallets each with a maximum of 10,000 pounds, with a total not more than 40,000.

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