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Robotics Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kornylak's Robot Wheels


Q. How can I purchase your wheels?
A. Simply go to our online store to place your order. If your order is greater than $50.00 USD you may phone or email your orders.

Q. I would like a wheel smaller or larger than what is listed?
A. All the wheels that we offer are listed on our website under the heading wheels. We can manufacture any size and type of wheel you would like, but you would have to order a quantity large enough to cover the cost of manufacturing. We may also know of other manufactures that make the wheel you are looking for. In regards to the Transwheels, we can increase the bore size some.

Q. How do I mount my wheels?
A. Please see our mounting wheels section. If the information is not there, please feel free to contact us.

Q. What wheels do you suggest?
A. The weight of your robot and its application dictate the wheels to use. For most applications Transwheels work very well. Our Cat-Trak Transwheels work great for applications that need wheels that grip. For heavy robots our heavy-duty Omniwheels are what you need.

Q. Do you offer Transwheels in different colors?
A. We offer Transwheels in any color you would like; however, you have to order a quantity large enough to cover the cost of manufacturing.

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