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Designing Practical PalletfloŽ Gravity Flow Rail Solutions

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Designing Rails

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Kornylak Manufactures PalletfloŽ Rails For Pallet Flow Racks

Kornylak will help you design practical, cost effective PalletfloŽ rail solutions for use on gravity flow conveyors and live storage systems. The PalletfloŽ rails will work on most racks. The Kornylak Corporation prefers to use structural steel racks or heavy-duty racks that have infinitely adjustable beams.

There are two different PalletfloŽ rail configurations: Single row of wheels and double row of wheels. The double row of wheels has a staggered wheel pattern. Both have optional wheel spacing. There are three types of Palletflo rails: entry, intermediate, and discharge. These are discharge rails with rail stops.

Rail Types
There are three types of PalletfloŽ rails:
  • Entry - These rails use PalletfloŽ steel or non-hysteresis urethane wheels in the first 48" to protect against forklift damage and quickly move the pallet off the trucks forks.
  • Intermediate – This rail uses all PalletfloŽ wheels with urethane tires for flow control.
  • Discharge – These rails are similar to intermediate rails, but end with a pallet stop.
Rail Lengths
Palletflo rails come in three standard lengths: 8', 10', and 12'. However, we can custom make the rails to any length you need.

Rail Weights
There are two steel weights used to make the rails: 12 gage and 10 gage. The standard 12 gage will hold loads up to 4100 lbs. on two rails with a 5' span. The heavy 10 gage will hold up to 6200 lbs in the same 5' span.

Rail Coating
PalletfloŽ rails have two available coatings:
  • Powder coated in Kornylak blue.
  • Galvanized.
Rail Configuration
There are two different PalletfloŽ rail configurations: rails with a single row of wheels and rails with a double row of wheels. The double row of wheels has a staggered wheel pattern. There are two types of wheel spacing for Palletflo rails: single and double.

Type and Quantity of Rails Needed
Depending on the total pallet weight, two single row rails will usually suffice for most common wood pallets. Double row rails are used for pallets with heavy loads or on pallets with insufficient width on cross-wise bottom boards. Pallets with very heavy loads or with thin bottom boards may need to use more than 2 rails. It is important to design practical, cost effective PalletfloŽ rails to achieve the best solution for your gravity flow live storage systems.

Wheel Spacing
Standard wheel spacing for PalletfloŽ rails:
  • Single – 2 1/2", 3", 3 3/4", 4 1/2", 5"
  • Double – 1 1/2"
Calculating The Wheel Spacing
It is important to calculate the proper wheel spacing, because the maximum recommended load capacity of each PalletfloŽ wheel is 80 lbs (the weight at which the maximum hysteresis effect is realized). The double row rails will require more than 2 rails when the total load capacity exceeds 80 lbs. per wheel.

There is a simple formula for determining the maximum wheel spacing in a 2 rail system: Spacing (inches) = (Total board width X 160) / Load (lbs.). Spacing should not exceed 5" without testing. Three rail systems, which are sometimes used for sagging pallets or to reduce wheel loading, require special consideration and it is best to consult the factory. For total assurance, Kornylak offers to test your pallet load at our facility free of charge

Sum Bottom Boards Widths Maximum Allowable Load Per Pallet On
2 Rails based on 80 lbs. Limit Per Wheel
 1-1/2" 2-1/2" 3" 3-3/4" 4-1/2" 5"
960 lbs.
1600 lbs.
2080 lbs.
640 lbs.
960 lbs.
1280 lbs.
480 lbs.
800 lbs.
1040 lbs.
640 lbs.
800 lbs.
640 lbs.  
2560 lbs.
3200 lbs.
3680 lbs.
1600 lbs.
1920 lbs.
2240 lbs.
1280 lbs.
1600 lbs.
1840 lbs.
1040 lbs.
1280 lbs.
1440 lbs.
880 lbs.
1040 lbs.
1200 lbs.
800 lbs.
960 lbs.
1120 lbs.
4160 lbs.
4800 lbs.
5120 lbs.
2560 lbs.
2880 lbs.
3040 lbs.
2080 lbs.
2400 lbs.
2560 lbs.
1680 lbs.
1920 lbs.
2000 lbs.
1360 lbs.
1600 lbs.
1680 lbs.
1280 lbs.
1440 lbs.
1520 lbs.

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