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Palletflo® Accessories
Entry Guides, Guide Rails & Rail Stops

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Palletflo® Accessories

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Accessories For The Palletflo® Gravity Conveyor System

Pallet Flow Rack Accessories

  • Pallet Entry Guides protect your racks
  • Pallet Guide Rails keep pallets on course
  • Rail Stops
  • Load Isolators allow for faster retrieval
Front view of a pallet entry guide that help forklift operators position pallets into position in the lane. Side view of a pallet entry guide that help forklift operators position pallets into position in the lane. Pallet Entry Guides
Pallet entry guides make rack loading easier and safer by absorbing shock, especially from lift trucks loading, and by helping to position the moving pallet properly. Pallet entry guides are used with high loading operations where the pallet is introduced into a lane by entering high and dropping it onto the rails or where lack of overhead clearance for dropping the load requires straight-in positioning.

A group of pallet rail guides. Pallet rail guides help the pallet maintain a center position as it glides down Palletflo gravity flow rails. Pallet Guide Rails
Pallet guide rails perform an important safety function. They help the pallet maintain proper lane position. Palletflo® uses the wheel-type guide rails that have less side friction and reduce the amount of pallet skewing. Also, the wheel-type guide rails help the performance of the hysteresis Palletflo® wheels.

A group of zinc coated Palletflo rails with rail stops.
Pallet Stops
Kornylak offers a variety of pallet stops. Our primary pallet stop fits at the end of each rail and comes either painted or zinc coated.

This is a mechanically operated load isolator, which help separate the first pallet in a lane and allows for a fast retrieval with a forklift.
Pallet Load Isolators
Kornylak offers several pallet load isolators, which operate mechanically, electronically or pneumatically. Pallet load isolators help separate the first pallet in a lane from rest of the pallets. This allows for a faster retrieval with a forklift.

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