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News: Omniwheel

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Omniwheel The Multidirectional Robot and Conveyor wheel

April 28, 2006

Omniwheel, Robot Wheels, Conveyor Wheels, Multidirectional Material Handling Systems

The Omniwheel is a multidirectional conveyor and robot wheel that can be used in powered or manual operations. Omniwheels are available in three sizes: 1.9", 3.15" and 4.72". Omniwheel RW30 all plastic wheel

Ordering Note

At least two OMNI Wheels must be used together to provide support over 360 of rotation. Please order accordingly.

All Plastic Wheels

The 1.9" and 3.15" are all plastic wheels using steel roller bearings. The plastic Omniwheels are designed for multidirectional conveyor wheels and material handling systems. They also make great robot wheels. Their corrosion resistant design is well suited for applications where dirt, dust and moisture may be present. They require no lubrication or field maintenance. The plastic wheels have a load capacity of 25 lbs, and 75 lbs per set respectfully. Omniwheel RW36 heavy duty wheel made of aluminum

Heavy Duty Wheels

These Omniwheels are well suited for use in heavy-duty manual or power transfer systems and omni directional material handling systems and conveyors. Each heavy duty Omniwheel body is made from die cast aluminum. The barrels are made of die cast aluminum for manual systems with polyurethane barrels also available for powered applications. The heavy duty wheels have a load capacity of 220 lbs per set.


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