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News: 2006 Articals And Press Releases

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News: 2006

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2006 Kornylak Corporation & Product News & Information

The Kornylak Corporation is pleased to provide the latest news and information regarding the company and our products.

New Superwheel Model GWA108
New Superwheel Model
November 17, 2006

New Superwheel Model GWA108 Plastic Wheel

Kornylak Corporation adds a new member to its Superwheel plastic conveyor wheel line. The new GWA108 model has a 3/8 diameter bore. The all plastic wheel construction has an extremely low friction rating. Since all the components are made out of a corrosion resistant plastic this Superwheel can be use in applications with exposure to weather, water, steam cleaning and many harsh chemicals...

Cat-Trak Rollers on Transwheels
Cat-Trak Rollers Defined
October 5, 2006

Cat-Trak Transwheels Are Robot Wheels With Grip

People have asked. "What is the difference between the standard rollers and the Cat-Trak rollers?"

This is a good question. The standard roller that comes on a Transwheel® is made from Nylon. Nylon is hard and has a slick surface. It works great for sliding packages and other material across the rollers on turntables and other conveyors or material handing systems...

Pallet Flow Gravity Conveyor Wheels
Pallet Flow Wheels for Gravity Conveyors

September 28, 2006

Pallet Flow Wheels, Gravity Conveyors, FIFO Storage Racks, High Strength Plastic Wheels

Kornylak Corporation is now offering high strength plastic pallet flow wheels or skate wheels. These green plastic wheels are designed for use in gravity flow conveyor rail systems with mechanical wheel brakes. This high strength plastic wheel has the highest load rating available...

Robot Wheels
Robot Wheels

May 8, 2006

Robot Wheels, Information on Mounting Wheels, Robotic Competitions

With the growing popularity of Robotics, the Kornylak Corporation has seen a growing demand for multi-directional wheels. Robot enthusiasts are choosing Kornylak wheels because of their multi-directional maneuverability, durability, and cost efficiency.

Omniwheel RW30
A pair of Omniwheel RW30's

April 28, 2006

Omniwheel Robot Wheels, Conveyor Wheels, Multidirectional

The Omniwheel is a multidirectional conveyor and robot wheel that can be used in powered or manual operations. Omniwheels are available in three sizes: 1.9", 3.15" and 4.72"...

Kornylak Corporation is an engineering-oriented manufacturing company, which throughout its history, has been primarily involved with the design and construction of special machinery especially in the material handling industry.

Kornylak serves four major markets: industrial and commercial material handing, military material handling equipment and devices, agricultural and cargo handling vehicles, and machinery for the processing of cellular plastics.

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