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News: New High Impact Multi-Directional Transwheel®

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News: New Transwheel

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Kornylak Announces A New Transwheel® Designed To Resist High Vibration rats

June 8, 2005

Transwheel plastic wheel, high impact, multi-directional, robot wheel Transwheel plastic wheel, high impact, multi-directional, robot wheel

The Kornylak Corporation announces a new high impact multi-directional Transwheel®. The new Transwheel, developed in response to feedback from customers, is made of a material that is resistant to damage from high vibration rates common in the automotive tire industry.

This new wheel is currently available in two models with a 2" outside diameter. One has a 1/2" bore and keyway for powered applications (2051KG), the other has a 3/8" plain bore (2051-3/8G). The new Transwheel is dark green to easily distinguish it from the standard material and incorporates all the unique features that have made the original Transwheel an indispensable component for material handling in processing, production and warehouse operations.

The size of a standard skate wheel with eight free-turning rollers around the periphery, the Transwheel permits load movement in any direction. Multiple row wheels have a staggered roller pattern for smoother load transfers. Corrosion resistant Transwheels have stainless steel roller axles and are suitable for applications requiring steam cleaning, water immersion and for clean room assembly.

Transwheels solve numerous material handling problems requiring multi-directional movement. They are ideal for 90 degree transfers using gravity or power and are widely used by automotive tire manufacturers for the conveying and the in-process storage of rubber plystock. Conveyor discharge and loading stations, packaging tables, appliance casters, powered turns and instrumentation are some of the many other user-applications. With all of these features, Transwheels are very cost-effective.

Transwheels are available in 2" and 4" OD wheels to fit a variety of applications. In addition to plain bores, they may be ordered with bushings, sprockets, axles or keyed.


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