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Kornylak Cartonflo® Storage Racks Decrease Pick Time and Increase Floor Space

April 20, 2005

Cartonflo Storage Racks, FIFO, Gravity Flow, Live Storage Solutions

News about how Kornylak Corporations Cartonflo storage racks can help decrease picking time, increase floor space while saving you money. Cartonflo has many benefits including more efficient carton storage, greater design flexibility and faster, easier order filling. Cartonflo storage racks

Cartonflo Has Many Benefits
  • Up to 65% savings in floor space
  • All items are easy to find
  • Up to 400% faster order filling
  • First-in First-out (FIFO) storage reduces spoilage and obsolescence
  • No cross-traffic means less floor congestion
  • Easier inventory control
  • Fewer errors
More Efficient Carton Storage

The efficiency of Cartonflo is derived from placing all carton of a given item in a single lane or row. Cartonflo storage racks reduce floor space by up to 65% compared with standard racks. Cartonflo also eliminates cross-traffic between restocking and picking by its gravity flow, FIFO rack design.

Greater Design Flexibility

Cartonflo rail spacing, tier heights and rail pitch are fully adjustable allowing you to design your carton flow racks to easily handle a wide variety of carton sizes, styles and weights. The tubular design of the Cartonflo rail prevents it from twisting under unequal load, and the built-in row divider eliminates the need for separate guides or uprights.

Faster, Easier Order Filling

The Cartonflo rails are design to work with a variety flat bottom product packaging such as cartons, boxes, tote bins, palletized materials, and others. The compact, FIFO, single item per lane permits the order filler to pick up to 20 different items without moving a step.


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