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Pressure Conveyor
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Pressure Conveyor

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Kornylak Manufactures Two Foamboarder® Pressure Conveyors: Armorbelt® & Process Tunnel®

Kornylak manufactures the Armorbelt® Foamboarders® a metal belt conveyor for the production of foam core panels. Armorbelt® and Process Tunnel® are the two types of pressure conveyors manufactured by the Kornylak Corporation. Both are part of our Foamboarder® line of insulation manufacturing equipment.

Building Panel Foamboarder Pressure Conveyor

The Armorbelt style Foamboarder consists of two patented, heavy duty Armorbelt chainless metal belt conveyors, one positioned over the other and linked together by hydraulic cylinders. The Foamboarder is designed for continuous conveying of two substrates with a foaming chemical mixture between them. The rising foam expands between the two moving substrates, and is restrained within the space between the two Armorbelts; thus producing a continuous foam core panel of pre-selected thickness. The unit is built to withstand pressures generated by the expanding foam or 5 PSI or more. The Armorbelt Foamboarder is available in widths of 2 to 12 feet, and speeds up to 150 feet per minute. The length of the Foamboarder is dependent on the speed and curing time of the chemical formula used. Kornylak manufactures the Process Tunnel® using a patented Fluid Film Processing to produce foam core panels.

Process Tunnel Foam Board Pressure Conveyor

The Process Tunnel Foamboarder is the latest addition to the Kornylak family of pressure conveyors. The Process Tunnel works on a patented, unique principle of Fluid Film Processing. This system is designed to operate at high speeds and high cure temperatures. The Tunnel is designed to accept the foam formulation between two flexible substrates, constrained against foaming pressure up to 7 PSI. It can produce foam core panels from 0.25" up to 6.0" thick with a standard 48" width after trim.

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