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Metering Roller Provides Uniform Chemical Laydown

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Metering Roll

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Metering Roller Provides Accurate Distribution Of Chemicals For Pressure Conveyor

The upper roller is vertically adjustable prior to production, while the lower plate is adjustable vertically for fine adjustments during production. Click to enlarge. The freestanding metering roller assembly provides accurate metering and uniform distribution of the chemicals between two layers of the product substrate after laydown and before entering the Pressure Conveyor. A 10" diameter by 50" plate face roll, ground to .002 TIR, works in conjunction with a ground plate to form a precision gap for metering chemicals.

The lower plate is adjustable vertically, and is supported by interchangeable cams to provide fine adjustments of the gap during production. The upper roll is vertically adjustable prior to production and is supported by precision bearings. The top roll is clamped in position with air cylinders during production and may be immediately raised out of the way in an emergency.

An optional motorized gap adjustment and digital readout are available.

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