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Samples Of Foam Core Insulation Building Panels

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Sample Foam Core Products

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Samples Of Foam Core Insulation Panels Made From Kornylak's Machines

The Kornylak Corporation builds quality, heavy-duty machines designed to last that can manufacture a variety of insulated foam panels. These insulated panels have been manufactured to fulfill a variety of applications from exterior siding and roofing panels to simple wood or drywall foam board sandwiches. Foam paneling has been used to create decorative stone and brick patterns, which are used as building facings for homes and businesses. Aluminum skinned panels are used as HVAC ductwork.

Below are just a few samples of the type of panels that are produced on Kornylak insulation manufacturing equipment.

A variety of the types of foam board that have been products using Kornylak's Foamboarder. Click to enlarge.
In the background is a sample of vine siding laminated to honeycomb backing with insulation. On the bottom, is a wood paneling laminated to honeycomb backing with insulation. The red panel has a honeycomb center that is laminated between two sheets of plastic with insulation.

  Samples of foam paneling manufactured using a Kornylak Foamboarder. Click to enlarge.
This simple display shows the type of panels that can be manufactured and where they are used in a home. Panels can be use as roofing, siding, flooring and interior walls.

Here is a sample of a Phenolic foam integral skin panel. Click to enlarge.
This is a sample of a phenolic integral skin panel with an aluminum coated paper outer skin. In this panel the phenolic foam at the top and bottom have cured to create a harden layer just under the skin. This allows the panel to be nailed in place.

  Stran Steel foam core steel building panels. Click to enlarge.
This is a picture of siding used for industrial buildings. The edges are designed to interlock with each other to create a strong weather tight seal.

Stran Steel foam core steel building panels. Click to enlarge.
Here you can clearly see the foam block dam at the end of the panel used to retain the expanding internal foam during the lamination process.


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