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Dust Removal System For Trim Saws

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Dust Removal

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Kornylak Offers Dust Removal System For Trim, & Cutoff Saws

This is a common indoor dust removal system with four air filters. Click to enlarge. The dust removal system is designed to "vacuum" the sawdust and trim scrap away from the saw area. A common system handles the two side saws, chopped scraps from the side trimmers and the cutoff saw.

A common indoor system will have multiple filters inserted horizontally with slight upward angle. The heavy particulate falls to the bottom where the angular shape of the collector funnels the pieces into a revolving door style valve that removes it from the collector with out affecting the vacuum of the system. The air filters are quickly and easily removed for cleaning. Here is a large external dust removal system with an added trash compacter. Click to enlarge.

Large external dust removal systems are designed to handle large volumes of air, but not necessarily a stronger vacuum.

Note: Trim scraps from the product having rigid wood or steel substrate of any type will not be chopped or vented by the dust removal system.

The customer will furnish all plant ductwork. Also, wear plates are recommended at turns and bends in the duct line.

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