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Insulation Manufacturing Equipment & Machines

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Insulation Equipment

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Kornylak Manufactures Insulation Equipment & Machines

Kornylak is a leading innovator in developing and manufacturing machinery for processing urethane, isocyanurate, phenolic, and expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam products. Kornylak builds a variety of machines for manufacturing insulation products such as: building panels, wall panels, insulation foam board sandwiches, structural insulated panels (SIP), foam core panels, carpet padding, floral foam and EPS blocks. The insulation equipment manufactured by the Kornylak Corporation are Building Panel, Process Tunnel®, Dispensing Machines, Flexible Foam, Rebonder, Block Molder, and their Accessories.

The Building Panel equipment line manufactures structural insulated panels, foam core panels, ridged and non-ridged skin insulated sandwiches.Building Panel, Structural Insulation Panels, Manufacturing Equipment

Kornylak manufactures Building Panel equipment for the production of foam-core, integral skin panels that combine superior insulation, low cost, attractive appearance, lightweight, rigidity and large easy-to-install sections. These features of the structural insulated panels (SIPs) are contributing significantly to progress in building construction. Many designs are available to meet most architectural needs.

  The Process Tunnel is a new gereration of Foamboarder panel maker.Process Tunnel® SIPs, Structural Insulated Panel

The Process Tunnel is a new generation Foamboarder® production line for the manufacturer of urethane, isocyanurate, phenolic and reinforced foam core panels. The conventional double-belt pressure section of the panel line has been replaced by a Process Tunnel to permit spectacular improvement in performance.

Building Panel equipment is for the production of processing urethane, isocyanurate, and phenolic foam insulation.Dispensing Machines, Foam Insulation, Urethane, Isocyanurate, Phenolic

The Kornylak Corporation manufactures meter, mixing, and dispensing machines for the production of cellular plastics. Whether using urethane, isocyanurate, or phenolic for the production of foam insulation products, foam core panels, or building panels, Kornylak can build a machine to meet your needs. The Dispensing Machine is one piece of a full turnkey insulation production system from the Kornylak Corporation.

  Flexible Foam manufacturing equipment is designed specifically fo rthe plastic foaming industry.Flexible Foam Insulation Manufacturing Equipment

Flexible Foam insulation manufacturing equipment is designed specifically for the plastic foaming industry. Armorbelt Foaming Conveyors incorporate all the features necessary for this specialized operation. Armorbelt manufacturing equipment has made possible the faultless production of miles of high quality, wide slab foam.

Rebonder converts low value flexible polyurethane salvage into valuable carpet padding.Rebonder, Polyurethane Carpet Padding, Carpet Underlayment

The Rebonder system converts low value flexible polyurethane salvage into a high value carpet underlayment for which there is a steadily growing market that is as large as the carpet industry itself. This continuous process of bonded carpet underlayment eliminates as much as 50% of the labor in older methods and reduces waste and regrind by as much as 95%.

  Block Mold manufacutres solid polystyrene blocks.Block Mold, Polystyrene Panel, Insulation Production

Kornylak manufactures two types of Block Mold machines: the solid polystyrene block molder and the polystyrene panel molder. The solid block molder makes a large, one-piece block of solid polystyrene. The panel molder takes a piece of structural metal and molds polystyrene around it. These molded panels are referred to structural insulated panels or SIPs.

Kornylak offers many accessories for our foam panel production lines like this traverse.Accessories And Equipment For Manufacturing Insulation

The Kornylak Corporation provides all the essential equipment and accessories needed for manufacturing insulation. Since 1958 Kornylak has meant leadership in high productivity equipment to the cellular foam industry. Kornylak provides the following items as well as other items not listed: embossing machine, unwind stand, feed board stacker, board feeder, seam taping unit, traverse, dispensing unit, fume removal, day tanks, metering roller, pressure conveyor, heating equipment, roller conveyor, saws, dust removal, and control panels.

  Kornylak offers two Embossing Machine the 1500 and 850.Embosser Machine, Foil, Aluminum, Paper, Rolled Material

The Kornylak Corporation offers roll paper embossers that will work with Aluminum-plated paper, aluminum foil paper, art paper, pattern paper, gold and silver card paper, and soft breadth material.

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