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Zipflo® Lightweight, Belt Conveyor

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Kornylak Manufactures The Lightweight Belt Conveyor Zipflo®

Zipflo At A Glance

Kornylak manufactures the lightweight belt conveyor Zipflo for a variety of material handing applications.

  • Lightweight Conveyor
  • Fast, With Variable Speeds
  • Easy To Install
  • Easy To Operate
  • Simple To Maintain
  • Compact, Low-Profile Design
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Zipflo® Lightweight Conveyors
Zipflo's small size belt makes a system that is exceptionally lightweight in relation to its load-carrying capacity.

Kornylak's Zipflo® moves loads of many types and various weights at speeds of 12 to 500 fpm. The standard speed is 60 to 90 feet per minute. Variable speed drives are also available, depending on the application.

Easy To Install
A Zipflo® system is easily installed according to the layout you need using standard modular components that are shipped immediately from stock, and with your choice of wall, floor or overhead mounting.

Easy To Operate
Zipflo® is ideal for automated or mechanized conveying systems. It operates quietly and cleanly, protects your product and improves production schedules. It also enhances employee working conditions.

Easy To Maintain
The Zipflo® tubing can be given an initial application of silicone that minimizes friction between the belt and inside surface of tube. The silicone application is repeated after the second and third weeks of operation, and then is needed only two or three times a year thereafter.

Compact, Low-Profile Design
Zipflo's low-profile design, with the belt returning inside the tube, helps you make maximum use of valuable space. A standard system includes: a ten - foot head section, a ten-foot tail section, and as many ten-foot intermediate sections as your system requires.

Zipflo® Can Be Used For: cartons, food trays, mat mover return, unpackaged items, sacks, cans, jars, bottles, carts, small packages, documents, office folders, books, hook-suspended items of all types.

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