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Vertiflo® High Speed Vertical Conveyors

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Kornylak's Heavy Duty, High Speed Vertical Conveyors

Vertiflo At A Glance

 Kornylak manufactures Vertiflo heavy duty, high speed, vertical conveyors.

  • Heavy Duty Vertical Conveyor
  • Compact Design
  • High Speed
  • Dependable
  • Economical
  • Versatile
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Vertiflo® History
Almost 700 Vertiflo's, some in service since 1952, have proven these vertical conveyors to be the finest compact, high speed, dependable and versatile units available. Six standard models handle loads from small individual packages to 3,000 lb. pallet loads in a high-speed continuous stream with a choice of manual or automatic loading and unloading in both directions.

In both new construction and modernization of old facilities, conventional platform elevators have been removed to make way for the more efficient Vertiflo®. Vertiflo® triples handling speed, costs as little as 1/10 of an installed elevator, occupies less than 1/4 the space, eliminates floor congestion and can be more advantageously located due to its small size. The conversion from batch handling to continuous flow greatly improves the efficiency of material movement.

Extremely Compact Construction
Only a few inches of space is occupied by mechanisms at the sides and rear, making Vertiflo® the most compact vertical conveyor.

High Speed
Continuous flow permits handling of up to twenty loads per minute with manual loading / unloading and at higher rates with the Vertiflo® Automatic Loader / Unloader.

Almost 700 installations since 1952 have proven successful operation. Smooth inner liner provides safe handling for difficult items, such as bags of potatoes. Overload devices, limit switches and guards protect loads, machinery and operators. Trays are rigid and under complete control at all times.

Vertiflo's have low space requirements. Unitized easy to install design. High speed and automatic features reduce operating cost.

Loading and unloading can be performed simultaneously at all floor levels with the conveyor moving in either up or down direction.

Cartons are loaded or unloaded rapidly while the Vertiflo® continues to move full speed in either up or down direction. Model 24D85 Pallet Loader will move 4,000 lb. pallets into a Vertiflo model 52A4000.

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