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Vertiflo® Heavy Duty, Vertical Conveyors

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Vertiflo® Heavy Duty, Vertical Conveyors For Marine Application

Marine Application Kornylak manufactures Vertiflo® heavy duty, vertical conveyors for marine application and industrial applications.
Some of the most spectacular applications of Vertiflo® have been on combat and supply vessels where they handle cargo, supplies, and ammunition at high rates of speed. Here dependability is of prime importance, and it is to meet this service requirement that many of the refinements built into Vertiflo® were first developed.

The amphibious transport dock (LPD) combines the functions of the attack transport (APA) and cargo ship (AKA), but the troops "hit the beach" in helicopters, and the cargo is preloaded in landing craft that float out of the LPD's well deck. Ammunition resupply at sea will be expedited by converting to the Fast Automatic Shuttle Transfer (FAST) system in fleet ammunition ships (AE). No more high lines and wildly swinging cargo nets! Food, general stores, and aircraft parts, once delivered separately by AF, AKS and AVS ships, respectively, soon will be available in one 16,000-ton combat supply ship (AFS), equipped with rapid transfer gear.

These ships depend extensively on Vertiflo® units for rapid handling. Two features make Vertiflo® ideal for shipboard conveying. First is the compact construction. Second is the continuous track design, which retains the moving trays to withstand all ship motions, no matter how severe.

Vertiflo® conveyors have been installed for between decks handling of cargo of all types, in all climates from the Arctic to the tropics. Their small "fit anywhere" size allows them to be advantageously located in normally inaccessible areas. The use of Vertiflos® throughout the vessel opens up previously unused ship areas for effective and income producing storage in addition to reducing costly horizontal handling below deck.

Industrial Applications
Vertiflo® is a free standing space saving unit capable of high speed handling of practically any package used in industry.

The choice of simultaneous manual or automatic loading and unloading at as many levels as desired permits the flexibility required in modern manufacturing lines.

Horizontal conveyors at each level can be tied in with the Vertiflo® to form a complete system.

Accessories such as intercoms, enclosures, special trays, safety devices, etc. are available to match Vertiflo® to any requirement.

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