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TKV Tray Conveyors

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TKV Conveyors For Handling Problem Materials

Series TKV Conveyors TKV tray conveyor was designed for handling problem materials.
A new type, designed especially for handling such problem materials as: Cement, Ore, Lime, Billets, Coils, Coke, Slag, Forging's, Steel Sheets, Scrap Metal, Hot Castings, Molds, Red Hot Sinter Agglomerate and Fines.

Chief Features
  • Durable, stable pans (or trays) that are insensitive to thermal stresses
  • Wide-spaced, extra large, sealed heavy duty ball bearing rollers which minimize friction and wear, can be exchanged without disconnecting chain and reduce power requirement by 60%
  • Rollers and chains that are positioned to minimize heat transfer from hot bulk material
  • Fewer overlapping areas and a short chain pitch - to assure smooth, quiet operation with no vibration
  • Overlaps that seal tightly to prevent leakage of fine grained materials

Basic Specifications
  • Lengths to 1300 feet, with one head drive
  • Tray widths to 8'-0"
  • Pan side heights to 12"
  • Inclines to 70
  • Capacities to 1,000 tons-per-hour
  • Withstand rough loading
  • Handle individual units to three tons
  • Operating speeds to 60 fpm
Tray Conveyors
  1. Long trays, for red hot sinter
  2. Discharging material from steep incline
  3. Cooling hot clinkers - rollers don't heap up, conveyor runs quietly
  4. Shorter chain pitch, fewer rollers and tight-fitting tray overlappings mean smooth, quiet operation
  5. TKV Tray Conveyors can carry material on either the top or bottom track - can be loaded or unloaded continuously, or at selected points on either track
  6. Deep trays carry fine grained material at high speed without spillage
Pan Conveyors
  1. TKV Pan Conveyors are especially suited for handling hot castings and foundry sand
  2. Bunker loaders travel are reversible
Bucket Conveyors
  1. For fine grained materials, with choice of single or double chain and buckets designed to prevent spillage
  2. Transport fine or coarse grained materials at inclines up to 70

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