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Rollerflo® Gravity Roller Conveyors

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The Gravity Roller Conveyor Rollerflo® Is For Material Handling

Rollerflo At A Glance

The gravity roller conveyor Rollerflo® is designed for material handling.

  • Gravity Flow Roller Conveyor
  • Hysteresis Wheels Control Flow Of Material
  • Handles A Wide Variety Of Loads
  • Economical & Effective
  • No Maintenance, Set It & Forget It
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Rollerflo® can handle drums, pails, plastic pallets, wood pallets with very few and or extremely narrow runners as well as a wide variety of sizes and shapes of loads. Rollerflo conveyors are roller conveyors with a difference! They utilize the hysteresis control principle of Kornylak's patented Palletflo® urethane coated skate wheels.

Economical And Effective
Long rollers, resting at each end on top of a Palletflo wheel while held in place with load limiting vertical slots support the Rollerflo load. This full-width support accommodates many different types of pallets as well as rims of cans or drums.

High hysteresis Palletflo® wheels are used for the necessary speed-retarding action. These urethane coated heavy duty skate wheels are resilient enough to allow the rollers to handle some degree of irregularity in the bottom of the pallet or can.

Extends Hysteresis Control
Rollerflo extends the application of hysteresis Palletflo systems to the handling of such products as 5-gallon pails of paint, 35- and 55-gallon drums of chemicals or narrow-runner metal skids of heavy loads and many type of plastic pallets without difficulties usually associated with such items.

Hysteresis: A Tested Principle
Kornylak's hysteresis Palletflo system overcomes the three major problems of gravity conveying, accumulation and storage of palletized loads.

The first is uncontrolled speed buildup on the rollers. The elastomeric hysteresis properties of the Palletflo wheels act as brakes pacing the items as they flow down the rollers.

Secondly, the elastomeric hysteresis wheels can handle a wide range of load variations from empty pallet to extremely heavy loads. The heaver the load the more the urethane Palletflo wheel deflects causing more kinetic energy to be absorbed through hysteresis.

Thirdly, the load will start up on its own gravity power after prolonged storage, eliminating the usual hang up problems associated with other products.

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