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Kornylak Manufactures Pallet Conveyors

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Kornylak Manufactures A Variety Of Pallet Conveyors & Equipment

Kornylak manufactures a variety of pallet conveyor equipment for horizontal and vertical conveyors.

Rollerflo is a gravity powered roller conveyor.Rollerflo® Gravity Powered, Roller Conveyors, Pallet flow Conveyor

Rollerflo can handle plastic pallets, wood pallets with very few and/or extremely narrow runners as well as a wide variety of sizes and shapes of loads. Rollerflo® are gravity powered roller conveyors with a difference! They utilize the hysteresis control principle of Kornylak's patented Palletflo® urethane coated skate wheels.

  Palletflo is a live storage system using gravity powered conveyor rails.Palletflo® Live Storage Rack, Pallet Flow Conveyors

Palletflo is a live storage pallet conveyor using gravity as its power. Palletflo wheels are made width polyurethane tires and are assembled onto rails. What makes Palletflo better than other gravity conveyors systems? With Palletflo each wheel acts as a brake allowing you to place light or heavy loads on the same rails. Best of all, they require no maintenance, no adjustments, no power, and no control system, which saves you time and money.

Twistless Shaftless Live Roller ConeyorTwistless Shaftless Powered Roller Conveyor

Twistless Shaftless (TS) is the leading edge in live roller conveyors. The TS combines the high torque positive drive of chain driven live rollers with the multi-roller drive efficiently of live shaft. TS utilize a chain driven sprocket that substantially increases the torque to each drive roller. This positive drive force is transferred to one or more rollers in a multiplicity of patterns in a same plane alignment.

  Armorbelt metal belt conveyors.Armorbelt® Belt Conveyor, Oven, Vertical, Metal Slat, Heavy-Duty

Armorbelt is available in zinc coated steel and stain less steel. Armorbelt uses a chainless steel belt consisting of slats held together with connectors, that offers high performance and great versatility at an economical price. From manufacturing to material handling, Armorbelt's ability to do almost any conveying job well is proven by successful installations in almost every industry. Armorbelts are used on production lines as a continuous flow operations, and the steel belts work well for use in ovens, cooling and drying environments. Armorbelt can be used in horizontal, inclined, and vertical conveyor applications.

Macrobelt aluminum belt conveyorMacrobelt® Aluminum Belt Conveyor, Material Handling

Macrobelt hase aluminum belts. Macrobelt has a heavy-duty, smooth, flat surface that is ideal for all types of material handling and conveying operations. Adjacent interlocking plates mate precisely across the full width of the conveyor with almost no visible step. This accurate alignment combined with the smooth flat top of each plate results in an unusually flat and smooth belt surface. This condition is maintained by the high stiffness of the plates, and heavy duty ball bearing rollers running on a hard alloy track.

  Vertiflo heavy-duty vertical conveyorsVertiflo® Compact, High Speed, Heavy-Duty, Vertical Conveyors

Kornylak is the manufacturer of Vertiflo vertical conveyors. Almost 700 Vertiflo's, some in service since 1952, have proven these vertical conveyors to be the finest compact, high speed, dependable and versatile units available. Six standard models handle loads from small individual packages to 3,000 lb. pallet loads in a high-speed continuous stream with a choice of manual or automatic loading and unloading in both directions.

Cartonflo gravity conveyor, live storage racks.Cartonflo Gravity Conveyor Live Storage Racks

Cartonflo was designed for use in live storage racks where cartons flow by gravity for rapid, efficient order filling. Cartonflo saves space, speeds up picking, helps reduce errors, protects products, and improves inventory control.

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