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MonofloŽ Light Weight Conveyors

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Kornylak Manufactures MonofloŽ Light Weight Conveyors For Material Handling

Monoflo At A Glance

Kornylak manufactures MonofloŽ light weight conveyors for material handling.

  • A Simple, Inexpensive Conveyor
  • Lightweight & Versatile
  • No Return Loop
  • Fast, Simple Installation
  • Standard Components In Stock
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No Return Loop
The conventional return loop adds nothing, except cost, to the usefulness of a conveyor installation. MonofloŽ is a one-way conveyor. It has no idle return loop to take up space and add cost.

Low Cost
MonofloŽ is the lowest cost power conveyor on the market. With no idle return loop, you pay less per foot of distance moved for a MonofloŽ than for any other conveyor. Simple installation saves money too!

Standard Components In Stock
Assembled from standard components (in stock for fast delivery), it's easy to put together the MonofloŽ conveyor which will meet your requirements. Standard modular components make MonofloŽ easy to reconfigure.

The uses for MonofloŽ are limited only by your own imagination. MonofloŽ follows any path whether it is up, down, and around. Coupled with automatic discharge, accumulation and transfer to another conveyor, this makes MonofloŽ exceptionally versatile. Items can be put on without waiting for an empty carrier. Simply hook over the rail - and the part moves away immediately.

Simple, Fast Installation
All the components are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-formed for rapid bolt - type assembly. Two men, without special skills, can complete the average installation in less than a day. Only simple tools are required.

What Is MonofloŽ?
MonofloŽ is a simple, inexpensive conveyor for transporting light loads. Basically, it consists of a flexible, lightweight cable with hardened steel screw threads, which rotates in a metal rail. The screw threads project above the rail engaging the metal hangers from which items weighing as much as 25 lbs. may be suspended. As the cable rotates, the hooks are moved at speeds up to 12 fpm. A compact drive unit at the input end of the conveyor rotates the cable.

The component parts consist of the flexible cable, rail sections, and assembly and installation fittings. By choosing the proper components, you can quickly assemble a unit, which will meet your particular needs. Monoflo's flexibility permits application for straight, curved and inclined (up or down) use. You can even "snake" MonofloŽ into areas impossible to reach with other conveyors. Floor - to - floor and building - to - building installations have been successfully achieved. At the end of each conveyor run, the load may be transferred to another conveyor, or to a stationary storage rail, or dropped off into a container - whichever method best meets your needs.

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