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Pictures Of Armorbelt® Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors

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Pictures Of The Metal Slat Conveyor Armorbelt®

Click on pictures to enlarge.
This is a 10 foot long 6 foot wide Armorblet.
This Armorbelt® is 6' wide and has a 6" pitch.

  Armorbelts smooth flat surface allows you to slide object on and off easily.
The steel top is designed to withstand the impacts of items during loading.

Fixtures may be mounted on the belt by welding or bolting.
This conveyor has fixtures mounted on the belt to hold radiators for pressure testing.

  Amorbelt can run continuously, index, or be run by hand for assembly line production.
Here, Armorbelt® is used in the manufacturing of washing machines.

Cargoflo® is a heavy-duty version of the Armorbelt. This Cargoflo was designed for package handling at Federal Express.
Cargoflo® is a heavy-duty version of the Armorbelt. This Cargoflo was designed for package handling at Federal Express.

  Armorbelt can vary in length and width to meet your needs.
This material handling conveyor is 4' wide and 360' long.

The internal drive of the Armorbelt II allows it fit into places other conveyor cannot.
The Armorbelt® II has its drive motor inside the conveyor body.

  Armorbelt can be designed with feature to meet your needs.
In this picture you can see the controls and emergency stop cord.

This is a low profile Armorbelt with a 4-inch pitch and 6-foot width.
Kornylak Corporation manufactures each conveyor to suite your needs, like this low profile version.

  This is twin Armorbelt conveyor is for material handling.
This doublewide material handling conveyor is used to load and sort packages.

These Armorbelts are used as production conveyors.
These Armorbelts are used as production conveyors.

  The smooth flat surface of the Armorbelt is ideal for material handling and production.
The smooth, flat, hard surfaces of the metal slats are ideal for production and material handling.

This is the top of a two store vertical Armorbelt conveyor.
This shows the top, exit side of the vertical Armorbelt®.

  Shown here is the bottom entry side of the two store vertical Armorbelt.
Shown here is the bottom, entry side of the vertical conveyor.

Armorbelt metal slat, hinged steel belt conveyors are used in manufacturing for assembly and production and in material handling for moving packages weighing ounces to tons.

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