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Kornylak Corporation
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Material Handling Equipment For Cargo Handling & Airfreight

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Cargo Handling

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Cargo Handling
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Kornylak Manufactures Material Handling Products For Cargo Handling & Airfreight

Kornylak manufactures material handling products for the following categories: cargo handling, airfreight, crop harvesting, live storage, and conveying. At Kornylak we place our products into four groups: conveyor systems, wheels, specialty vehicles and cargo systems.

Coveyors available from KornylakConveyor Systems, Roller, Belt, Vertical, Oven, Gravity, Pallet

The Kornylak Corporation is a manufacturer of conveyor systems to improve productivity for manufacturing and material handling. At Kornylak we offer a variety of styles and types including: Armorbelt?, Macrobelt, Monoflo, Palletflo, Rollerflo, TKV, Trackwheel, TS Live Roller, Vertiflo, and Zipflo.

  Conveyor Wheels And Omni Directional Wheels Available From KornylakWheels, Robot, Conveyor, Material Handling, Skatewheel, Powered
The Kornylak Corporation makes wheels for cargo and material handling applications, conveyors, pallet flow storage racks, omni directional and powered robots and material handling systems. Kornylak offers the following wheels: Mini-Wheel, Omniwheel, Palletflo, Superwheel, Transdisc, and Transwheel.

Specialty Vehicles For Cargo Handling Available From KornylakSpecialty Vehicles, Material Handling, Lift Trucks, Cargo Hauling

The Kornylak Corporation is a manufacturer of specialty vehicles designed for use with a variety of cargo systems such as: air cargo, cargo hauling, and cargo transportation. Kornylak manufactures the following cargo systems: Karry-All, 40K Loader, Strad-O-Lift, and Straddle Fork
  Cargo Systems, Material Handling

Units allow cargo to be moved around obstacles that would prevent the use of conventional conveyors. Universal Power Conveyor, and Low Profile Power System

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